Corporate Services: Think Outside the Cube

Most businesses generate mountains of paperwork – and the filing requirements that go with them. And it’s safe to say that most businesses do that paperwork in-house, because how else would you deal with it? Well, what if I told you that you could “give it away”?

At least some of it, that is; you could send out the stacks of paper and get back electronic records. Electronic records are superior to physical files in almost every way: they take up far less space, and they are much easier to search, backup, and share with others. But electronic records do not just magically appear; it takes careful effort to convert paper files into bits and bytes so that the end result is accurate. Accuracy is crucial. Inaccurate electronic records might actually hide the information you need from you!

Do yourself a favour: once you have determined that outsourcing your document handling is the right way to go – that it can save you time, effort, and money, so that you can sharpen your focus on the actual business of your business – do your research carefully. Look for an experienced firm with a proven record of careful document handling and storage. After all, you will be entering into a crucial business partnership. Forms can be the lifeblood of a business, be they mortgage applications or human resources documents. You need them to be secure at all times. You need them to be accessible at all times.

Above all, you cannot afford erroneous records. The workflow for processing your paper documents into electronic records must not only be fast and safe, it must also make the conversion with 100% accuracy. This means it has to be more than a room full of people with scanners and OCR software. It has to be an experienced team dedicated to doing the job right.

Document conversion and handling services have a lot to offer the corporate world. Accounts payable can be streamlined and more efficiently handled, as well as more easily passed around for the necessary approvals. HR documents can be more easily accessed and shared with necessary third parties (such as insurance companies). Client accounts can be more rapidly searched and sorted. And files that have to stay on paper can be safely stored and even destroyed on a set timetable without cluttering up the office.

All it takes is the will to let go of the “paper chase” and the desire to embrace modern record-keeping techniques in partnership with a document-handling professional. Start your investigation today.

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