Electronic Contract Management

Electronic contract management: client and vendor contracts represent mission-critical data that often requires the dual needs of backup protection and instant on-demand accessibility. Implementing a DOCUdavit electronic contract management and electronic contracts scanning solution can deliver many benefits.

Electronic Contract Management Services Include

  • Expedited contracts access, review and approvals – once scanned and archived, contracts are available for instant access. Whether it’s a new agreement or a renewal, electronically modified or renegotiated the documents can be forwarded to appropriate staff by e-mail for quick input or approval.
  • Improved compliance – electronically filed agreements will dramatically improve compliance-related matters by ensuring better access controls to the information, providing proper back-up of information and facilitating the review processes.
  • Supports legal matters – prompt and accurate contract information can be vital to support a major event like a merger / acquisition or to help resolve any legal issues.
  • Boosts staff productivity – eliminate wasted time and costs associated with filing contracts, searching for misplaced documents, making photocopies and faxing, mailing and couriering etc.

Documents can be made available for access on our secure business portal.

Let us help with a document management and storage solution tailored to your business objectives and needs. For more information contact us or call us at Toll Free: 1-888-781-9083.

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