Closed File Storage Solutions

Storage for closed file documents

Our closed file storage solutions save our clients’ money on document storage. We eliminate the need for expensive, slow-to-access off-site storage, as well as the frustrations and expense, not to mention the potential risks of on-site storage. Some of the benefits of our solution for storage of closed files include:

  • Cost savings on your current storage solution
  • Secure off-site backup of your documents
  • Immediate retrieval and unlimited access of documents
  • Cost fixed
  • Our closed file support service includes our free DOCUdavit archive software.

Legal File Archiving Solutions

  • Conversion of closed file documents to digital
  • Upload of scanned documents to your computer/server
  • DOCUdavit Archiving Software including installation, implementation and personal training.
  • Storage and maintenance of customer materials during the scanning process
  • Secure copy of database maintained off-site.
  • Secure shredding of documents.
  • Technical support and management consulting services


  • “Destruction only” of documents not to be scanned
  • Culling services based on client criteria

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