Legal Print and Copy

DOCUdavit Solutions is a cost-effective source for all of your legal print and copy requirements. We are known for rapid, trustworthy service and will work within your time frame to scan, print, index and assemble your documents to meet your specific requirement and the requirements of your legal cases. All client projects included a CD containing all images scanned as part of our legal print and copy process.

Our technicians will scan your documents to create a searchable PDF with OCR (optical character recognition.) We can provide printing in color, reduced large format (for drawings, surveys and plans), and printing and conversion of email and electronic documents.

Legal Print and Copy

Services Include:

  • Personal client consultation
  • Providing enhanced printing of your documents
  • No extra charges for digital copy provided on CD
  • Highest level of quality control and accuracy
  • High quality printing at up to 600 DPI
  • Assembly, tabbing, indexing and binding of copies as required
  • Reassembly of original documents
  • Turnaround time to meet your needs

If you are a lawyer with questions about your client records, let us help with a document management and legal document storage solution tailored to your practice and your needs.For more information contact us or call us at Toll Free: 1-888-781-9083.Legal Print and Copy Contact Docudavit Now!


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