Outsourcing Document Handling for Lawyers

If there’s any group of professionals that generates paper documents faster than doctors, it has to be lawyers. Case after case requires research, affidavits, police reports, filings, witness accounts, contracts, subpoenas – the list goes on and on. This means the document storage and retrieval headaches can add up fast. The best solution is clearly one that frees up time and energy to focus on what matters: the clients’ legal needs. This either means hiring workers to deal with the problem in-house, or outsourcing. When you factor in the training and retention costs of doing it yourself, outsourcing the administrative details to an experienced, professional company that can ensure that you always have access to the documents you need – and have safely stored or destroyed the ones that are no longer current – is clearly the best option.

Litigation support is the most pressing type of ongoing documentation project. It allows lawyers and other legal professionals to access the records they need electronically using a variety of industry standard software (such as Summation®, Concordance®, Worldox®, or Primafact®). Imagine having (virtual) boxes and boxes of files at your fingertips rather than back at the office – and instantly searchable, too.

Litigation support is accomplished by scanning the related documents quickly and accurately. Because this is a constant process, it requires a good, dependable relationship and a smooth workflow to do well. You should always choose an experienced company that knows the legal rhythms to handle this type of work.

Once the case is over, you need to handle the paperwork that has been left in its wake – storing some for possible future needs, and destroying the ones (including some that are probably quite sensitive) that are no longer required. Again, an experienced document handling company can make this problem virtually disappear. Many closed files can be scanned, backed up, and then destroyed in order to eliminate a heap of physical storage woes. These archived files will remain easily retrievable (and searchable), should the need arise.

Any physical files that must be maintained can be securely stored off-site, removing the “dead weight” from your office’s records room. Documents that you deem to be no longer necessary can be shredded without being scanned, saving time and money. In no time, the largest pile can shrink to a manageable size.

Don’t waste your time doing administrative file-handling work when you can off-load those tasks to someone that will have everything ready and waiting – however long that happens to be.

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