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We provide the most up-to-date, in-house and outsourced systems for document scanning, storage and on-demand retrieval of your medical, legal or corporate digital files.

More Space. More Time. Less Paper. No Problems.

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Docudavit has a full suite of services for Document Management. Whether you are searching for scanning services, contract management or document storage, we can provide EDMS tailored to your business objectives and needs.

If you are running a professional office, don’t neglect the value of document scanning in terms of compliance, productivity and cost reduction. A key feature of our EDMS is document scanning. The benefits are endless. Aside from the environmental impact of a paperless office, there is always a huge cost saving to utilizing scanning services.
Scanning Services

Docudavit Storage Solutions provides secure, compliant, EDMS. For document storage, rest assured that we will deliver your files to our storage facility and maintain them in a secure environment. Confidential shredding and destruction services are also available.
Document Storage

Docudavit is proud to offer electronic mailroom and document scanning services for busy offices and owners.
Electronic Mailroom

Document management is the systems that organize, stores and tracks business documents. Paper systems are being replaced by EDMS, so businesses can now easily scan & store documents within a Document Management System that simply works better.
Document Management

EHR storage is heavily regulated, so using a document management system to stay compliant is extremely valuable for medical practitioners.
Doctors / EMR

For cost-effective scanning services, indexing of critical legal documents to convert them to a searchable, usable database that can be accessed in seconds.

We Take the Pain out of Scanning Patient Records

We provide scanning inactive patient records solutions to scan, digitize and store your inactive patient records to provide you immediate and easy access to your patient's medical records.

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Docudavit Solutions

There are multiple advantages of adopting an electronic document management system over a paper system. Some of the most common benefits are the reduction in storage costs, increased security of important data, efficient contract management and rapid improvements in an organization within a business adopting a EMDS.

We’re Professional.

Docudavit EDMS are available 7 days a week to meet the needs of our clients. Lawyers requiring closed file archiving or litigation support services, family doctors closing their practices or seeking to improve their businesses with digital workflows and medical file storage or medical records scanning. Our EHR solutions are adapted to each individual medical practice. We always work side-by-side with our clients to ensure their specific requirements are met in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.

We’re Committed to Service

Our guarantee has always been to provide safe, secure facilities for our client’s valuable and confidential information. However, it’s our level of service and commitment to client satisfaction that truly sets our EDMS apart. We have hundreds of enthusiastic clients large and small that benefited from using our services, whether, for contract management or document scanning, we are committed to providing a confidential and secure service.

We Provide the Best in Secure Digital Solutions.

Whether it’s peace of mind, maximizing efficiency, or helping a business maximize their competitive edge, there is no better time to move your workplace to a digital environment with our EDMS. We provide the most up-to-date in-house and outsourced systems for document scanning, and data storage for the on-demand retrieval of your medical, legal or corporate digital files.

naomi glogowski
June 11, 2022.
Very helpful, even repeated herself to my repeated questions on a second call
Terry and Gail Miles
May 30, 2022.
I was very impressed from my very first contact with DocuDavit to the time my records were sent out.
Nikki Charlton
May 26, 2022.
Just so helpful, I really appreciate it.
B Hambleton
May 17, 2022.
Honestly, this experience was the best in regards to customer service. I can guarantee that I have never had a pleasant encounter with a representative through any company in the past. I had a seamless experience with no doubts or confusion thanks to the deep understanding of my file representative, Sandra Escobar. The "Escobar" was specifically memorable for me hahaha. She had such expertise on the subject of my medical record retrieval, and sincerely did not lack in answering my questions until I was satisfied. Although, I was going to reject the medical records she convinced me that realistically they are very important for my future practitioners to know my medical history. Overall, it was an excellent experience, with a seamless payment process and the form was short and easy to understand.



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