Document Management

Document Management

“The product is great – so simple to use, even I figured it out in 10 seconds!”
– Dr. Martha L. Taylor

We’ve put the latest document management technology to work for our corporate clients so they can focus on growing their businesses, not on managing paperwork.

In the digital age, it’s imperative for companies to keep up with technology’s swift changes and improvements. Providing a solution for on-demand access, we’re able to scan documents quickly and efficiently to allow for instant access and ease of distribution.

What is Document Management?

Document management describes the system with which corporations organize, store, and track many types of documents. Businesses are reliant on technology, so document management has evolved to encompass not just filing paper copies of information but electronically storing and sorting documents.

Electronic document management systems have many advantages over paper systems. Physical systems require a brick-and-mortar location that is safe and secure. Acquiring and managing a physical location can often be a hefty expense, especially for young businesses. 

DOCUdavit offers a cost-effective document management system that manages the scanning and indexing of your documents to create a searchable, usable database that can be accessed within seconds. Our corporate document storage system is the best disaster recovery solution for your valuable information; the peace of mind every company needs.

Why Use a Document Management System?

Without a solid organizational system, it can be impossible to quickly locate and track specific information out of the depths of enormous piles of documentation. Corporations looking to take efficiency a step further should switch to electronic scanning solutions because of the many advantages such a system can provide.

  • Expedite business processes: Once documents have been scanned, they are instantly available for review, editing, and approval. Because the documents have been converted to a digital format, they can be emailed to appropriate parties with ease. If notes or comments are necessary, it is simple for employees to make such edits.
  • Improve compliance: By utilizing an electronic scanning solution, businesses can rest easy knowing that their information is secure. Properly equipped digital storage systems will keep your files stored in a secure manner. Even more, these files are backed up as an extra layer of protection. During an audit, businesses can easily locate documents to speed up the audit process and ensure accuracy.
  • Boost productivity: After implementing a digital solution to tackle the complexities of corporate document management, employees can rest easy knowing they’ll no longer need to waste their precious time on busy work. Filing paper documents, searching through stacks of information, and making physical copies as back-ups will be a thing of the past.
  • Support legal matters: Every business encounters legalities at some point. By proactively preparing for this type of experience, corporations can navigate tricky legal problems with confidence and ease. By using an easily accessible electronic database to store information, employees can quickly access the appropriate documents and double check their accuracy. With this clear information, businesses have their best shot at solving legal issues.

Our Document Management Services

At DOCUdavit, we’re committed to helping our corporate clients with the many facets of managing a business. No matter the nature of their business, clients utilize many of our services to boost their company’s processing times and overall efficiency.

  • Accounts Payable: Accounts payable paperwork can sometimes seem endless. Attempting to manage everything with physical paper is inefficient and cumbersome. With our help scanning accounts payable documents, our corporate clients can manage invoices and obtain approval from the appropriate levels of management without having to follow long paper trails.
  • Human Resources: Another paper-heavy aspect of managing a business comes in the form of human resources documents. DOCUdavit’s document scanning solution makes it simple for human resources employees to document and keep track of prospective talent information. This helps to ensure all employee information is secure and properly documented. 
  • Contract Management: Contracts travel through a variety of channels at each stage of the process. With electronic contract management, our corporate clients are able to stay on top of this information every step of the way. Contracts are available in seconds once they’re scanned, which makes it easy to modify, approve, and email important information.
  • Loan and Mortgage Processing: Loan and mortgage paperwork can easily exceed 100 (or more) pieces of paper, which can make it difficult to search for pertinent information. With document scanning, the information is processed efficiently and easily accessible. This reduced processing time yields an improved customer experience.
  • Insurance Policy and Claims Processing: Managing insurance policy and claims documents is a hefty challenge no matter how you slice it. This type of information needs to be easily accessible, and a document scanning service can make that happen. As insurance information must typically be stored for long periods of time, the safety and security of a digital storage system is the best route to take.
  • Accounting: DOCUdavit is well-equipped to serve accounting firms and professionals with scanning and storing their documents. From client files to tax returns, we prepare, organize, sort, and scan the information so it is safely stored and easy to access when the need arises. Have unique needs? We’re able to craft custom solutions for individual accounting firms and its clients.
  • Corporate File Storage: We have the unique distinction of being able to store your documents in both electronic and paper formats. These documents are always held in a secure environment to protect privacy and confidential information. We also offer shredding and destruction services for documents that are expired or otherwise no longer needed.

An electronic document management system is the best option for busy corporations in the modern business environment. Let us help with a document management and storage solution tailored to your specific business objectives and needs. For more information, contact us or call us toll-free at 1-888-781-9083.