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EMR: Seamless Conversion of Your Critical Data

Healthcare providers are expected to adopt and demonstrate a meaningful and secure use of EMR (electronic medical records) procedures. A medical record is the most important tool used by physicians. Regardless of specialty, because it supports, records, and enhances the medical care that patients receive. As a legal document, health records detail the care provided to patients and act as a record of billing practices. Improve the quality, safety and privacy of medical records with secure electronic medical records conversion.

Why do doctors, clinics and hospitals across North America choose our ‘paperless’ electronic medical records conversion (EMR) solutions?

DOCUdavit offers seamless EMR conversion that takes the pain out of scanning active patient records and archiving inactive patient medical health records (EHR). Often, a practice will run two systems consisting of both an electronic medical records conversion software and paper document management system, which does not sufficiently meet the needs of medical practices. While both EMR and CMS software has its benefits, they struggle to overcome the major hurdles most physicians face in converting critical data.

Specifically, Electronic Medical Records Conversion and CMS do not:

  • Meet the minimum requirement to keep all patient medical records
  • Help maintain a dual file system of paper and digital

Experts in the intricacies of managing medical records, DOCUdavit provides EMR conversion solutions for physicians that must find an effective way to manage thousands of paper patient records.

Cost Savings With EMR Conversion

The bottom-line benefit to our client physicians is electronic health records, EMR, and patient records scanning often costs less than the monthly fees associated with storing paper medical files.

Rapid Service

We can scan all or a just a portion of inactive patient records: our EMR solution turns a task that would take months or years into an invisible service. On average, our clients can access their records in a matter of weeks or even days.

How DOCUdavit Can Help

From EMR conversion services to medical data archiving, DOCUdavit can take the pressure or fear out of going digital with your patient medical records. Have additional questions? Visit our services page for additional information or call us toll free at 1-888-781-9083 to speak with a consultant.