Electronic Mailroom

Ever wished you had the ability to automate and digitize your incoming emails without spending the majority of your working hours making it happen? DOCUdavit is proud to offer electronic mailroom and document scanning services for busy offices and owners. Electronic mailrooms help businesses scan, sort, and organize all of their paper and electronic files into one digital file storage system.

DOCUdavit electronic mailroom makes email seamless

Why Use Electronic Mailroom Services?

Offices that employ a digital or electronic mailroom are able to focus their efforts on productivity rather than repetitive and sometimes arduous administrative tasks that can take up the bulk of the work day. More benefits of digital mailrooms include:

  • Reduced paper costs. The most obvious and beneficial aspect of all is the reduction of paper costs. Whether it’s for accounting or legal purposes, printing and filing emails can eat up precious time. A mailroom will allow you and your staff to work smart, keeping productivity and eco-efficiency at the helm of your operations.
  • Improved customer service. Eliminate the time it takes to run through a crowded inbox or messy filing system and get back to your clients in a timely fashion.
  • Better organization. With the DOCUdavit electronic mail scanning service, you can easily and seamlessly sort your mail into the categorization of your choice, keeping your files not only up-to-date, but archived for better use within the company.
  • Increased compliance. A digital mailroom will allow your company to get ahead of the curve regarding company compliance policies and regulations. With all your documents and emails seamlessly organized and archived in the same manner, there’s less risk for mismanagement and more time spent on quality work for clients.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, with a Digital Mailroom

Having a digital mailroom,  instead of a traditional mailroom clerk, is ideal for lean operations and companies where reducing costs are among the main priorities.

Digital mailroom systems let staff in on an oftentimes multi-faceted decision cycle where everyone’s eyes and input are needed on a document. Instead of passing around one single, physical document, the scanned file is available to only those employees or clients who need to see it, significantly reducing the risk of a compliance or security issue. Employees can quickly access the scanned documents without hassle, providing signatures or input when necessary. Just like central company mailrooms, an electronic mailroom will facilitate the exchange of information, but at a faster time, promoting productivity and overall efficiency.

DOCUdavit, Your Electronic Mailroom Solution

From document storing services to data archiving, DOCUdavit can turn your physical files into a digital emporium, reducing not only your costs, but your stress too. Going digital has a lot to offer a business at any stage, whether you’re a startup looking to put a system in place for success, or you’re a seasoned company with the clients and experience to show you know your industry.

Take the first step to an organized, automated incoming mail solution today. Let us help with an electronic mailroom solution tailored to your specific business objectives and needs. For more information, contact us or call us toll-free at 1-888-781-9083.

DOCUdavit offers a host of document management services within our EDMS. Speak to a member of our team to discuss how our document management solution can help your business.