Document Management for Accounting Firms

For accounting firms or professionals, our accounting document scanning service is uniquely designed to scan and store your active or inactive client files and tax returns. Our combination of document scanning, data management and storage services makes DOCUdavit Solutions the right choice to improve your accounting document management – and your bottom-line.

Why Accounting Firms Need Document Management

Your company’s most important procedures, contracts, correspondence, financial records, and other crucial information are all stored in a document management system. This can be done manually (on paper) or online (better yet, a combination of both). Accounting businesses and their clients will benefit greatly from a document management system. For one thing, it reduces the amount of paperwork that a company has to deal with. 

Businesses and customers may minimize their reliance on paper by putting paperwork, transactions, and records online. Document management helps accounting firms automatically generate an electronic audit trail that ensures papers are correct and up to industry standards. Document workflows may be built up and integrated into everyday activities, making regular accounting tasks simple.

The file cabinets and boxes that hold a perfectly acceptable paper management system are only as good as the boxes and filing cabinets that contain it. Consider how you would rebuild or recover information if your paper records were damaged or inaccessible due to a fire, flood, or another disaster. You’ll need a document management solution that works online to avoid any mishaps and will protect sensitive accounting documents.

What Is the Document Management Process

The document management process includes using a system to track, capture, and store documents in electronic form. This may include PDFs, digital images of papers, and word processing files. Document management ultimately saves you time and cuts costs while adding extra security, online collaboration, centralized storage, audit trails, access control, and streamlines access to documents.

Focusing on the client experience along with the productivity of your firm is essential when selecting a new document management system. Document management tools today provide so much more than document storage solutions and do-it-yourself techniques. 

DOCUdavit is well-suited to assist accounting companies and professionals with document scanning and storage. We prepare, arrange, filter, and scan material ranging from client files to tax returns so that it is safely preserved and accessible when needed. We may also develop custom accounting solutions for your specific needs.

We can provide a variety of customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Let us help with a document management system tailored to your business objectives and needs. For more information contact us or call us at Toll Free: 1-888-781-9083.

We can provide a variety of customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Let us help with a document management system tailored to your business objectives and needs. For more information contact us or call us at Toll-Free: 1-888-781-9083.

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Document Storage

Our electronic document management system (EDMS) enables us to securely keep your papers in our facilities for short or extended periods of time. With our electronic document storage services, you may quickly access files from any location, at any time. DOCUdavit’s document scanning services are a cost-effective alternative to keeping paper data for your company. We save and index your papers with accuracy and clarity using our intelligent scanning and document management system for quick retrieval.

Secure File Sharing 

Increased cooperation in the workplace is facilitated by document imaging and storage technologies. With scanned papers, you may rest assured that every member of the team will have immediate access to the data. Documents are additionally encrypted, ensuring that only those who have been given permission to read or change them may do so.

Online Collaboration

Document management allows teams to work on the same document at the same time without interfering with one another’s efforts or duplicating work. Conversational elements and execution components are combined to create a highly successful collaboration approach. This is achievable for your firm if it eliminates paper and moves its document storage online and to the cloud.

File Synchronization

Having a file synchronization feature with your document management system allows you to store documents in different locations and keep them up to date. The synchronization procedure will add, alter, or delete the equivalent file at the other site if you add, change, or delete a file from one place.

IT and Admin Controls

IT and admin controls let you to centrally manage security and access throughout your tour company using document management systems. You can govern how your teams interact and exchange material with comprehensive IT controls, ensuring that you stay secure and compliant.


For anybody in the accounting business, security is a major issue, and you want to avoid the financial liability that comes with data breaches. To protect the safety and privacy of your data, we use an encrypted FTP port. Document management guarantees that digital data only ends up in the right hands, and that compliance rules are followed.

Immediate Access: Search / Retrieval 

You won’t have to put off scanning your documents when you have access to our Scan on Demand feature. Instead of waiting for long, tedious document scanning services, our scan-on-demand service allows you to scan and recover files fast. DOCUdavit’s data archiving solution also ensures that your archived data is securely backed up, stored, accessed, and reported on. We index and transform your case files, patient records, invoices, and employee information into a searchable database, allowing you to retrieve a digital document with only a single query.

Easy to Use

Documents are instantaneously accessible for inspection, modification, and approval after they have been scanned. The documents may easily be sent to the relevant people because they have been converted to a digital format, and employees can easily make any necessary adjustments if notes or comments are required. 

Improve Productivity: Time-Saving/Efficient

As a document management business, we understand how essential files are in your day-to-day existence. When you outsource your document scanning to one of our reputable facilities, you free up time and resources in your office to focus on client work rather than administrative duties, resulting in increased productivity.

Improve Customer Service

Managing tangible files for all of your accounts may save you time that would otherwise be spent managing client relationships. Keeping your clients satisfied and gaining and sustaining a healthy client base keeps you in business. You’ll also show clients that you’re taking care of their sensitive documents by showing the efficiency of your document management workflow. With digital document management, there’s no more slow response times or misplaced documents.


You’ll only give access to trustworthy workers who leave digital footprints and have proper passwords and security clearance. Computer records are considerably more difficult to access than paper documents, and you can keep track of who has access to them.

Reduce Accounting Errors

An effective document management system keeps track of your company’s information in such a way that auditors can easily and swiftly trace an accurate electronic trail.

Lower Storage / Management Costs

Our document management facility, which is located in Toronto, is equipped with temperature and humidity control systems to ensure that all paper files are fully protected from moisture and direct light. You’ll get competitive storage rates and our digital document storage solutions will also save you more on storage and management costs.


DOCUdavit has been awarded the Canadian Small Business Exccellence Award the last two years in a row. Take advantage of document management solutions that are proven to help you succeed.