Client: Dr. Eric Hanley

It was a big relief to know that all my clinic files were going to be stored in a secure place when I closed my practice. The expense was minimal and the guidelines your staff provided were clear and easy to carry out. I appreciated that all the patients on my computer generated list were notified by Docudavit through the mail in good time before my closure date.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Eric Hanley

Client: Dr. Wendy Amirault

In February of 2011, I came to the decision to close my practice after 24 years. Like so many of us I was unable to find a doctor to take over. The thought of taking home all my charts and being responsible for them for the rest of my days was overwhelming and then I remembered seeing an ad for Docudavit. I contacted them and discovered that not only would they store the charts for as long as the College required but they also paid for an ad to go in the local paper stating when I was closing as well as a phone call out to all my patients. They were also prepared to send a letter to everyone too. After the practice closed, Docudavit also paid for call intercept on my phone for 6 months, letting the stragglers know that I had retired and how to get their charts.

On top of that Sid Soil was always available to take my calls-almost everything that could happen when you close your practice, did happen and Sid was my personal 911-helping me through all that was thrown in my path-even taking a call on a Friday of a summer long weekend. Now I am semi-retired and enjoying it. I am very appreciative for all the help and support I received from Sid and Docudavit and all the room I have been left with in my basement.

Dr. Wendy Amirault

Client: Dr. Tham

Closing a full time family practice of 36 years was not as simple as I envisaged. The most important task was storage and management of all patient medical records, active and non-active files. The sheer volumes of papers was over-whelming.I had to ensure the security and privacy of these records as well as the most efficient means of providing copies of files upon requests. DOCUdavit Medical Solutions recommended by OMA was engaged to help me to handle this enormous job. The planning started many months before my closing date. DOCUdavit diligently sent letters to announce my retirement to every family, forms for ways to request their medical records 3 months before the closing date. All my patients were well prepared, appreciated the confidential and organized way their records were handled, which made the closure of my medical practice so much more smooth and pleasurable. On the last day of my practice, DOCUdavit sent the hard working team to my site to pack up each and every file, including all my research files that have to be kept for 25 years. The team transported the files to DOCUdavit’s site. The team continued to connect with me to ensure all record requests were done correctly in the months that followed as well as linking my clinic phone to their line for 3 months to answer patients’ questions and requests. DOCUdavit took the stress and load of retirement off me, for which I am very appreciative.

Many Thanks Dr Tham

Client: Dr. P

All the information at the start was clear and concise. There were no surprises. The format of the DVD is easy to access and use and all the information is there. Any questions or problems encountered were dealt with efficiently. I would recommend this service.

Dr. P

Client: Kevin Rittenberg

In short, although I sound like a commercial for the company, I could not have been happier with the service.  Of interest, as I do not know why you are looking at their services, my ex-partner used Docudavit when he retired to scan in all his old files and they then field all records requests.  They gave him a set of the files to keep, on disc, for reference should he ever need them.  I can also let you know that, in Ontario, they are a major player in this market and have the approval of our governing bodies. Hope this helps you.  Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.

Kevin Rittenberg


Client: Dr. Ashok Nadkarni

Since the beginning I have been very pleased with your services. Fortunately we found you through OMA. The other companies we called before it were charging us significant amount of their fees & we did not feel that it was appropriate. Your secretary helped us every step of the way to get the job done very professionally.

Thank you for your assistance,
Dr. Ashok Nadkarni

Client: Anonymous

I have recommended you enthusiastically to everyone who asks me about transitioning to EMR. Almost 2 years after Docudavit took over my file management, I continue to be very pleased with your service and my decision to use your company.

Client: Dr. Jennifer Pearlman

“My experience working with Docudavit during an office relocation and transition to an electronic health record has been excellent. The team is highly professional, efficient and proficient at what it does- making the whole process seamless. Thank you Docudavit.”

Dr. Jennifer Pearlman


Overall, I was very pleased with your service. Good immediate call back when I initiated your services. Excellent access to my records when I needed certain charts for legal and insurance reports.I am happy to recommend (and have done so already) your services to fellow physicians.

Dr. Karen Peirce

We chose DOCUdavit because they are a well established and reputable company operating Canada wide.  We found Sid Soil and his staff quick to address our concerns and conscientious in providing service to our patients.  Entrusting the safekeeping of our patient records to DOCUdavit gave us considerable peace of mind.

I was extremely pleased with Docudavit’s work and price structure (compared to other quotes that we received).  Service was fantastic and dealing with staff was wonderful.  I am located in Toronto and used Docudavit to scan my old files when we moved to an EMR.  Went off without a hitch.  One of the best things is that the old files are searchable using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which works like a charm.  For example, when I want to look for a colonoscopy, I type in ‘colon’ and it spits out all the instances that it finds the word.  Naturally it does not read the handwriting – that would be a miracle.  Docudavit also gave me a backup hard drive which I put in a deposit box at the bank, as this represented 19 years of files. I would say that they are safer now than if they were stored somewhere as paper.  I believe that Docudavit also keeps one or two backup copies.  They kept my paper files for 3 months after scanning and then I had them shred them.  As far as security is concerned, I felt assured that they take every precaution in dealing with these files.  I believe that one or both principals in the company have a background with the legal profession and understand the principles of PHIPA (Ontario privacy legislation for health information) and PIPEDA.