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In this day and age, the modern office needs secure, high-quality document storage solutions to ensure compliance. Whether you’re in the legal field and are managing high-risk client files and sensitive materials. Or, if you’re in the medical field in need of a secure place to store files for your patients. Document storage and document management are imperative for not only your daily business operations but your peace of mind.

What is document storage and why do I need it?

secure document storageFor one very simple reason: document management and secure online document storage allow you to run your business more efficiently. Storing documents online is the best way to save documents because it eliminates worrying about filing, scanning, or security. Searching through old paper documents requires a lot of time and energy. Our all-in-one document management system takes your old files out of the filing cabinet and into the cloud document storage system for instant access.

Document storage can be complicated. If you don’t have a sustainable filing storage system in place, it can be difficult to implement one while also trying to follow pre-existing regulations and maintain customer confidentiality. Sometimes, even if you do have a sustainable filing management system in place, the hours you put into its upkeep tend to overshadow your day-to-day client tasks. A reliable document storage and management operation like DOCUdavit will take away the stress, time, and energy of storing your old documents and free up your day for higher productivity.

document storage solutions for paper files

How can DOCUdavit help?

DOCUdavit’s document storage solutions give you security, convenience, the opportunity to go paperless, and more. We additionally offer several top-notch services to ensure your files are always where you want them to be. DOCUdavit offers:

  • Scan-on-demand services – A good online document management system includes both paper documents and digital documents, which is why scan-on-demand is so important. Whether you need a file today or tomorrow, locally or across the country. A sufficient scan-on-demand service creates a seamless exchange of documents and files in a secure environment.
  • Efficient document shredding upon expiry – Take advantage of the ease of secure document shredding. Know that when your files are destroyed, your clients’ information remains safe. No third-party vendors or sources will ever see the information on destroyed documents or files.
  • Data archiving We can easily index and convert all kinds of documents; everything from case files and patient records to employee records. We can then archive them digitally for your convenience. Instead of storing old files in a physical office, allow us to be your ideal file management service for the long-term retention of older files that aren’t top-of-mind.  
  • Document scanning services Don’t let your office become a record storage space for old files just because you don’t have the time to scan them yourself. DOCUdavit offers exceptional document scanning services that take the pressure off you and your office. With our document imaging solutions, you can easily access your scanned files from any location, at any time. We use an encrypted FTP port to ensure the security and privacy of your records.
  • Contract Management Maintain a secure copy of all documents that govern client and vendor relationships. Keep those file stored in a secure environment while being accessible for reference or amendment.

cloud document management servicesDOCUdavit does not simply shelve your important records. Our document storage facilities are equipped to provide document management services in compliance with provincial and federal legislation and policies. This means that your files will be securely stored and readily accessible at your request for the full required retention period. In addition to that, we will provide you with a report of files that have reached the end of their required retention period. Then, upon your authorization, they can undergo our secure document shredding process. We follow up with all the necessary documentation for your records.

We are uniquely equipped to provide copies of client files electronically as well as in paper format. This capability allows us to provide you with on-demand access to your accounting files and records via a secure web space set up specifically for your business.

Let us help with a secure online document storage solution tailored to your business objectives and needs. For more information on our document management services or our EDMS, contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-888-781-9083.