Medical Data Archiving


Did you know that archiving medical records often entails following specific regulations and legislation? When storing or archiving medical records, it is required by law that the storage facility is a secure environment and contains all of the legacy information. These include:

  • Patient medical and demographic information
  • EMR attachments
  • Scanned attachments
  • EMR audit logs
  • EMR metadata

EMR Data Archiving: Secure Data Backup, Convenient Storage, 24/7 Access

Physicians across Canada have entrusted us to provide secure online medical records storage for all of their patient data. With access and report services from any EMR software, we will transfer your data to our storage facility and maintain it in a secure environment. Making it available for you to view conveniently online whenever you need. Our EMR System will provide peace of mind when making the transition from paper to digital.

By digitizing medical records, healthcare practitioners can access conveniently organized patient data regardless of how old the records are, or the volume of records being stored.

We provide secure backup, storage, full access and reporting of your legacy data and patient medical records. These are easily accessible through our secure Internet portal. DOCUdavit can also provide access to you and your patients via our secure website, on CD, DVD or even paper if you prefer.

DOCUdavit builds solutions for healthcare professionals to give them peace of mind, so they can focus on their patient’s needs. Aside from archiving medical records, we have solutions for EMR conversionscanning patient records and fulfilling legal requirements when closing your medical practice. 

Are You Considering Transferring to a New EMR Solution?

We can migrate all of the information required for continuity of care into your new software. The process is seamless and efficient. DOCUdavit’s online medical records storage solutions will ensure the protection and safekeeping of all your patient’s valuable data. For as long as you need it.

Learn more about our EDMS, contact us or call us at Toll Free: 1-888-781-9083 to speak to one of our experts.