EMR: Online Medical Records Storage Solutions

DOCUdavit prides itself on being a quality medical document management system. We provide doctors with secure online medical records storage, professional scanning capabilities and EMR conversion solutions that save valuable space and resources. Most medical records storage companies don’t provide doctors & medical practitioners with such a wide variety of online record storage features. For retiring doctors closing their practices, we inform your patients of the closure and provide your patients with access to their personal medical records for up to 10 years.

DOCUdavit makes secure EMR scanning, storing and transferring of your patient records easier and safer — both in the short- and long-term.

What is EMR? EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records, or alternatively EHR, Electronic Health Records – which is managed by an electronic document management systems – such as DOCUdavit.

Why should your office use an EMR? Whether it’s archiving medical records, scanning patient medical records or assisting with EMR conversion, our online medical records storage solutions help physicians and medical clinics meet all of their document management storage needs. And if you’re planning to close or move offices, we offer medical practice closure and relocation support that enables you to secure all of your files and meet the compliance requirements of your province.

We are here to support you and answer all of your EMR-related questions. Contact us at our Docudavit medical records contact form.

If you are searching for an EHR system, contact us today. Let us help you find the perfect EMR solutions tailored to your practice and needs. For more information contact us or call us Toll Free at 1-888-781-9083.

medical document storage testimonialMy experience working with DOCUdavit during an office relocation and transition to an electronic health record has been excellent. The team is highly professional, efficient and proficient at what it does — making the whole process seamless. Thank you, DOCUdavit.
–  Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, MD, CCFP, NCMP

Medical Data Archiving

Did you know medical data archiving often entails following specific regulations and legislation across the country that require the safe storage and of all legacy information? These include:

    • Patient medical and demographic information
    • EMR attachments
    • Scanned attachments
    • EMR audit logs
    • EMR metadata

Medical Data Archiving: Secure Data Backup, Convenient Storage, 24/7 Access

Physicians across Canada have entrusted us to provide secure data archiving, access and report services from any EMR system. We will transfer your data to our storage facility and maintain it in a secure environment, making it available for you to view conveniently online whenever you need.

We provide secure backup, storage, full access and reporting of your legacy data and patient information. We make these accessible through our secure Internet portal. We can also provide access to you and your patients via our secure website, on CD, DVD or even paper if you prefer.

Are You Considering Transferring to a New EMR System?

We can migrate all information required for continuity of care into your new software. DOCUdavit EMR System will ensure the protection and safe keeping of all your valuable data.

For more information contact us or call us at Toll Free: 1-888-781-9083.

Scanning Patient Records

Medical records storage companies

We provide scanning of patient records solutions to scan, digitize and store your patient records to provide you immediate and easy access to your patients’ medical records. Effectively converting from paper to electronic medical records in the digital age. Our unique combination of secure scanning, data management, and paper storage services means we can create custom hybrid solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our Secure Scanning Services are compliant and confidential.

Secure EMR Scanning Services

How it works:

    • We pick up your documents
    • Banker’s boxes provided as required
    • We prepare your documents for scanning (staple/fastener removal, dog-ear correction, paper orientation, small or large paper correction, etc.)
    • We will organize, sorting or cull your patient files
    • We scan each patient record to produce a searchable, digital file in any format required
    • We name files (Last Name, First Name, HIN, Patient Number etc.)
    • All steps are subject to DOCUdavit Quality Control
    • We upload your scanned images to your server or provide a password protected, encrypted portable external hard-drive

Additional Services:

We provide an ongoing off-site backup of scanned images for 10 years:

    • We store all paper records for 90 days following upload
    • We provide compliant, secure destruction of records
    • Ongoing service, support, and training for the scanned images for 2 years following scanning
    • Full disaster recovery services for scanned images
  • Free secure on-line access to your patient files

EMR System

Our clients look to us to provide secure, compliant patient record storage services. We provide turnkey services including:

    • Pickup/delivery of your patient records to our secure storage facility
    • Maintain them 24/7 in our secure environment
    • Confidential shredding and destruction services upon document expiry
    • A report of files that have reached the end of their required retention period and upon your authorization can be securely shredded.
  • On-demand access to your EHR via a secure physicians portal

We do not just shelve your important records. We are equipped to provide record management services in compliance with provincial and federal legislation and policies. This means that your files will be securely stored and readily accessible at your request for the duration of the required retention period.

EMR Conversions

Online medical records storage

Why do so many doctors, clinics and hospitals choose our “paperless” electronic medical records conversion (EMR) solutions? We take the pain out of scanning patient records and inactive patient records. While EMR and CMS software have benefits, they do not overcome the major hurdles most physicians face in converting data. Often a practice will run two systems consisting of both an electronic medical records conversion and paper document management system.

Specifically, Electronic Medical Records Conversion (EMR) and CMS do not:

  • Meet the minimum requirement to keep all patient medical records
  • Help maintain a dual file system of paper and digital

We know the business of managing medical records and work with physicians every day that must manage thousands of paper patient records. The bottom line benefit to our client physicians is EMR conversions and patient records scanning often costs less than the monthly fees associated with storing the medical files.

Rapid Service

We can scan all or a just a portion of inactive patient records: our solution turns a task that would take months or years into an invisible service. On average our clients access their electronic records available in a matter of weeks or even days. Learn more about DOCUdavit’s EMR conversions services.

I have recommended you enthusiastically to everyone who asks me about transitioning to EMR.
– Happy Client

Closing Your Medical Practice

Are you closing your medical practice? Perhaps you are considering retirement or moving out of province. It could be a major life change that means closing or a transfer of practice. Whatever the reason, when you close your medical practice you do need to follow the correct protocol to make sure you are compliant. Our medical practice team ensures all correct notifications to your patients and we take care of medical records transfers and file storage as set out in the standards for your Province.

Download our Physicians’ Guide to Closing Your Medical Practice booklet to make closing your medical practice efficient and compliant. Or visit our Resources page!

The Canadian Medical Protective Agency defines 10 years as the appropriate time frame for retaining the medical record. The CMPA prefers that ORIGINAL records be kept. Provincial Colleges Recommend: Retaining the record for 10 years is the most common recommendation.

Closing Your Medical Practice Services (for primary care physicians)

    • Compliant, confidential and secure storage services
    • Free mailing to all your patients
    • Free electronic copy of all your patient’s records
    • Capped fees for your patient’s copies and transfers (electronic, paper or online format)
    • Call forwarding of your office phone number
    • SECURE On-line access to your patient files

Closing Medical Practice Services (for consulting physicians)

    • Compliant, confidential and secure storage services
    • Scanning of inactive patient files
    • File management and destruction services
    • Ability to reduce storage fees with patient transfer credits
    • Capped fees for your patient’s copies and transfers (electronic, paper or online)
    • SECURE On-line access to your patient files
DOCUdavit took the stress and load of retirement off me, for which I am very appreciative.
-Happy Client

Resources for Doctors and Patients

We’ve put together a database of resources for doctors closing or moving their medical practice and for patients trying to locate the perfect physician. Resources are sorted by province and category. For doctors looking for more information on retention and maintenance of clinical records, click here.



If you are interested in learning more about our EDMS and the document management services we provide, contact us to speak to a member of our team.



If you are interested in learning more about our EDMS and the document management services we provide, contact us to speak to a member of our team.



If you are interested in learning more about our EDMS and the document management services we provide, contact us to speak to a member of our team.