Human Resources

Proper human resource record management is essential for running an efficient HR department. Ensuring all your employee’s documents are in order is a difficult task for many reasons: you have to keep track of every record that comes into your office on every employee, and that may include everything from medical records to employment contracts. Not to mention the fact that these documents must always be ready for review and easily accessible by the human resources department. If there’s only one copy of a file, it’s more of a coordination game trying to get it to all relevant parties while keeping track of its every move. That’s where managing human resource records gets complicated.
How much time and energy goes into storing, maintaining, and protecting these files? In a busy office, everything goes through the HR department. Requests for vacation, benefits information, recruitment calls, and payroll forms stack up, leaving your human resource department thin on resources and, most importantly, on time. If your business is running on a tight budget or slim hours, this business model won’t sustain you for much longer.

This is why human resources document scanning is imperative. It is the perfect document management solution for the everyday busy HR office.

Do You Need Human Resources Document Scanning?

Do any of these sound like you or your HR department?
  • We almost got penalized for missing an important government regulation.
  • It sometimes takes too much time to find the right candidate in our applicant pool.
  • Our office’s paycheques were delayed again before we missed an important process.
If so, then an HR document management solution like DOCUdavit could be the best way to manage documents and stay on top of compliance issues.
Before a technology-based human resource record management solution rose to prominence, filing, filling out paperwork, and managing employee documents was tedious. There was no end to the amount of physical paper lying around in an office. Even if it was sensitive information, it was a big task to keep files secure and make sure only those who needed to see certain information had access to them. Employee records are very paper intensive and often represent mission-critical data that requires a secure and readily accessible electronic solution. As such, HR records management should not be taken lightly.
Now with document imaging and document scanning for human resources, companies can enjoy a new level of efficiency and privacy.

Benefits to Document Scanning for Human Resources

There are countless benefits to outsourcing human resources document scanning with DOCUdavit, including:
  • Expedited contract access, review and approvals. Once scanned and archived, all employment contracts are available for instant access. Whether it’s a new agreement or a renewal, electronically modified or renegotiated, the documents can be forwarded to appropriate staff via e-mail for quick input or approval (globally), and notes or comments can be attached to the document for future reference.
  • Stronger records management. Keep on top of employee records, payroll, benefits information and contract management with our intuitive records storage & scanning services.
  • Improved compliance. Electronically filed agreements will dramatically improve compliance-related matters by ensuring better access controls to the information, providing proper back-up of information, and facilitating the review processes.
  • Supports legal matters. Prompt and accurate contract information can be vital to support to help resolve any legal issues.
  • Boosts staff productivity. Who wouldn’t like to carve out a bit more time for time-sensitive projects in the day? eliminate wasted time and costs associated with filing contracts, searching for misplaced documents, making photocopies and faxing, mailing and couriering etc. With our human resources document scanning process, businesses can spend less time arranging or filing materials and more time on client work.
  • Better customer service. Clients don’t like delays, and our imaging system helps to minimize them. This document management solution offers seamless integration and transfer of secure files, ensuring you can get important files to and from your customers in record time.
  • More control. Our files are secure and encrypted, which means the only people who ever see them have been granted permission.

How can Human Resource Document Management Improve the Hiring Process?

Think about the way your HR office handles the complex process of hiring. From looking through resumes and collaborating with managers to decide which applicants will move to the next stage, there’s a lot of back and forth, and a lot of documents that get evaluated and passed around. With document scanning for human resources, a lot of the collaboration time is cut in half.
Using DOCUdavit’s human resources document scanning allows a seamless workflow. Regardless of where your team is, multiple members can view the applicant’s resume and credentials, cutting processing time nearly in half. With hiring managers and department managers looped in on the process, it takes the internal wait time out of hiring, increasing your team’s productivity. It also cuts down external wait time factors, giving you the ability to really speed up the process and get back to your applicants in a timely manner.
DOCUdavit’s imaging and human resources document services turn the HR hiring process into a secure, time-saving journey for both your company and your applicants.

Choose the Best HR Document Management Solution for Your HR Business

DOCUdavit is a reliable document management solution you can trust. We assist human resources professionals by making the process of managing human talent documentation more efficient. HR documents can contain personal, sensitive, and at times mission-critical information. Preventing any tampering with these documents is our number one priority.
Let us help with a document storage and document management solution tailored to your business objectives and needs. For more information on our EDMS, contact us or call us toll free at 1-888-781-9083.