Why Outsource Document Scanning?

  • Focus on Your Mission – Before introducing an in-house scanning solution, ask “What’s my core business / strengths?” and decide if scanning / document management is one of them. If in re-visiting your business model your future plans DO NOT include adding costs, staff and IT requirements of scanning to your business, then outsource.
  • Conserve CapitalDocument scanning hardware and software is expensive to buy, maintain and update. If the management of an expanded IT infrastructure and the costs of additional capital do not appeal to you, then outsource.
  • Keep Your Staff Productive –To properly execute this task in-house, an outside consultant would likely need to be engaged early on to map out a comprehensive plan. Valuable staff would need to be dedicated to the function and trained. If best practices and efficient use of your human capital are of interest to you, then outsourcing your scanning is the right choice.
  • Utilize Space – A scan on demand solution requires secure, dedicated space for multiple staging and document preparation areas, the necessary equipment, staff and work-in-process storage. If conservation of costly space is a consideration for you, then outsourcing your scanning makes sense.