Scanning Patient Records

Digitalizing Medical Records 

We provide Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions to scan, digitize and store your patient records to provide you immediate and easy access to your patients’ medical records. Our unique combination of scanning, data management, and paper storage services means we can create custom hybrid solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our Secure Scanning Services are compliant and confidential. Making the process of digitalizing medical records stress-free. 

Medical Data ArchiveDigitalizing Medical Records with Secure Scanning Services

How it works:

  • We pick up your documents
  • Banker’s boxes provided as required
  • Your documents are prepared for scanning (staple/fastener removal, dog-ear correction, paper orientation, small or large paper correction, etc.)
  • We will organize, sorting or cull your patient files
  • We scan each patient record to produce a searchable, digital file in any format required
  • We name files (Last Name, First Name, HIN, Patient Number etc.)
  • All steps are subject to DOCUdavit Quality Control
  • We upload your scanned images to your server or provide a password protected, encrypted portable external hard-drive

Additional Services:

We provide ongoing off-site backup of scanned images for 10 years:

  • We store all paper records for 90 days following upload
  • We provide compliant, secure destruction of records
  • Ongoing service, support and training for the scanned images for 2 years following scanning services
  • Full disaster recovery services for scanned images
  • Free secure on-line access to your patient files

EMR Storage and Record Management

Our clients look to us to provide secure, compliant patient record storage services. We provide turnkey services including:

  • Pickup/delivery of your patient records to our secure storage facility
  • Maintain them 24/7 in our secure environment
  • Confidential shredding and destruction services upon document expiry
  • A report of files that have reached the end of their required retention period and upon your authorization can be securely shredded.
  • On-demand access to your records via a secure physicians portal

We do not just shelve your important records. We are equipped to provide EMR scanning services in compliance with provincial and federal legislation and policies. This means that your files will be securely stored and readily accessible at your request for the during the required retention period.

From EMR conversions services to medical data archiving & closing your medical practice. DOCUdavit can take the pressure or fear out of going digital with your patient medical records. Visit our dedicated page for doctors or medical practitioners to learn more.

Have questions about scanning services in Canada? Visit our services page for additional information or call us toll free at 1-888-781-9083 to speak with a consultant. DOCUdavit provide a trusted EDMS to ease the headache from transitioning from paper to digital.