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DOCUdavit is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of document management services to help keep your business operations secure. These document services are available to businesses of all types coast-to-coast across Canada. Our scanning and document management services are robust and scalable to meet the most demanding needs of medical practices, legal firms, accounting firms, and corporations. As a document management company, we strive to provide seamlessly integrated document management software to keep your business running smoothly.

DOCUdavit provides secure, compliant corporate document management services. We will deliver your file to our storage facility and maintain them in a secure environment.

Let us help with a document scanning, management and storage solutions tailored to your business objectives and needs.
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DOCUdavit Solutions provides secure compliant document storage solutions and services. We will deliver your files to our storage facility and maintain them in a secure environment and of course, we provide secure, confidential shredding and destruction services upon their expiry.
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Ever wished you had the ability to automate and digitize your incoming emails without spending the majority of your working hours making it happen? DOCUdavit is proud to offer electronic mailroom and document scanning services for busy offices and owners.
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At DOCUdavit Solutions, we put the latest corporate document management technology to work for our corporate clients so they can focus less on managing paperwork and more on growing their businesses.
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We provide doctors professional storage, scanning and electronic data conversion solutions for physicians’ patient medical records that waste valuable space and resources. For doctors closing their practices we inform your patients of the closure and provide your patients with access to their personal records for up to 10 years.
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When it comes to lawyers and legal document management, DOCUdavit Solutions is the premiere choice
coast-to-coast in Canada for cost-effective scanning, indexing of critical legal documents to convert to them to a searchable, usable database that can be accessed in seconds. We offer closed file and litigation solutions for virtually and legal need. In addition, we can provide legal print and copy services on demand.
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Our Services At a Glance

  • Document Scanning Services: Let DOCUdavit help you scan all your old, physical files and rent out that old office space like you’ve been meaning to. Our document scanning services include conversion and indexing your brand new digital files in a secure, encrypted database for you and your clients.
  • Scan on Demand: Don’t delay with your scanned documents! Instead of waiting through long, arduous document scanning services, enjoy our scan-on-demand that allows you to quickly scan and retrieve files.
  • Data Archiving: Do you have a process for archiving your older files? Don’t let them creep up on you. Our data archiving process and document management software keeps your files secure and safe for long-term retention.
  • Record and Document Storage Services: Quickly access files from any location, any time, with our electronic document storage services.
  • Electronic Document Management: Our electronic document management system allows us to store your documents safely in our facility, either short-term or long-term.

Scanning Services

DOCUdavit’s document scanning services can provide your business with a cost-effective alternative to storing paper files. With our intelligent scanning and document management system, we store and index your documents with precision and clarity for easy retrieval. We ensure your files are where you want them, when you want them, for the ease and peace of mind of your office and clientele.

Scan on Demand

Get fast and accurate documents when you need them with scan on demand from our document management services. Not sure if you want to scan and archive a particular document? With scan on demand, you get the heightened protection of our encryption solutions with the efficiency of our scanning process.  

Data Archiving

Don’t let old files clog up your workspace. DOCUdavit’s data archiving solution provides secure backup, storage, full access and reporting of your legacy data. We index and convert your case files, patient records, invoices or employee records to a searchable date – giving you access to a digital document with just a single, simple query. We also provide encrypted FTP access to ensure security and privacy of electronic documents and records.

Record and Document Storage Services

Our efficient document management system isn’t the only reason you should defer to us when it comes to managing your files. As a document management company, we know how much of your day-to-day life revolves around important files. Outsourcing your document scanning to our trusted facilities means freeing up time and resources in your office for more client work and less administrative tasks, resulting in higher productivity.

Electronic Document Management

All of your company’s documents can be securely kept in our short- or long-term storage facility. Located in Toronto, our document management facility is equipped with temperature and humidity controlled systems to ensure all paper files are completely protected from moisture and direct light.

Let DOCUdavit help with document management services and storage solutions tailored to your business objectives and needs. Get the flexible and security you need, all in one convenient place.

For more information, contact us or call us toll free at 1-888-781-9083.