Document Scanning

If you’re running a professional office in the digital age, you might be surprised to find out how important document scanning can be to your compliance, productivity, and overall costs. You could have an elaborate and detailed filing system housed in a corner of your office where you keep files dating back years, but even the most well-organized room will take time to search when you’re looking for that important file. Despite the light-speed advances in technology and digital communications, the burden of coping with the physicality of paper continues to present a real and growing challenge to businesses. In many cases, companies dealing with sensitive materials, such as contracts, might spend more money trying to ensure files are protected from theft or damage. Overall, a company can spend more time and resources housing and protecting files than is necessary.

This is where document scanning comes in. With document scanning, companies can experience the ease of reproducing, filing, and retrieving important material without having to deal with the limitations and constrictions of paper.

Document Scanning Services

Why Document Scanning?

Scanning services don’t only help keep your office ahead in the digital age. It can help modernize processes your company does every day.

  • Meet Compliance Regulations. Many industries are beginning to see where converting from paper to digital files creates an opportunity for better compliance. It’s difficult to manage paper files if they get into the wrong hands, but encrypted digital files are well-protected and can only be viewed and shared with whomever your company finds beneficial.
  • Document Sharing. Document imaging and storage solutions are the best solution for collaboration in the workplace. Some documents might require viewing from employees and clients at the same time, and with scanned documents, you can assure that they’ll be able to view the files without delay.
  • Incredibly Easy Access. It goes without saying, but a digital file can be accessed through a cloud drive or an internal drive much faster than paper files. This also makes it possible for out-of-town clients or out-of-country employees to stay up-to-date without having to be physically present at all times. Extra scanning services, such as scan on demand, allow users to process and upload files quicker.

The Benefits of Digitizing Your Files

Document scanning has proven a viable and valuable solution to paper files and the benefits are numerous. As the first step in the digitization of paper records, invoices, employment files and other traditional paper-based business activities, scan on demand and document scanning services can seamlessly integrate into day-to-day business operations. Here are just some of the benefits to scanning services:

  • Lower Storage Costs. Buying more storage and housing documents in expensive office or costly storage space represents a potentially huge and unwarranted cost.
  • Heightened Productivity. A significant amount of a company’s productivity can be attributed to time spent retrieving and sorting documents. In many instances, the issue is so extreme that even if full-time staff are dedicated to the task, other employees might still need to help out.
  • Better Customer Service. When it comes to customer account inquiries, slow response time due to misplaced or lost documents can result in poor customer service and potentially damage a reputation.
  • Better Organization. Spend less time copying, faxing, or routing your documents. Moving paper throughout an organization is tedious at best. In an effort to try and prevent total loss, copies are often made first, which naturally brings about time delays. Use document imaging and scan on demand to keep your operations organized.
  • Easier Disaster Recovery. Most organizations have a well-defined disaster recovery plan in place for their IT databases. Back-up plans for hardcopy documents, however, are completely overlooked. Document scanning can help with that.
  • Compliance. As we stated before, organizations may need to satisfy the compliance requirements of government and security bodies. Medical document scanning, for example, carries many strict regulations in regards to document retention. Keep compliance top of mind with scanning services.
  • Increased Document Security. Never worry about the protection of your documents again. Maintaining proper access control to paper-based documents introduces yet another layer of challenges. Housing the files in secure locations and controlling who has key/combination access are but two of the issues surrounding sensitive documents.



Scan On Demand: The Environmentally Conscious Decision

Keeping a paper office isn’t only costing you time, it’s also costing you money. In this day and age, you can’t afford not to go paperless. The costs associated with running a paper office scale everything from storage and materials to workable hours. It’s not enough to just devote space to your paper files. You have to account for: a filing system, employees to file and maintain the system, the physical paper each invoice, contract, or document will be printed on, and how much per hour it’s costing your business to stay organized. It can really add up.

With scanning services like scan on demand, feel the literal weight of those files lift away with an accessible, organized system for maintaining and moving files digitally. Enjoy the added benefit of having your whole team access files instantly from anywhere, depending on your security and encryption regulations.

Should All My Files Be Scanned?

While there may be an instance or two where paper files are the preferred method (for example, for older files that do not have sharing or compliance requirements), document scanning is generally more accessible and useful for day-to-day operations.

Having your files scanned digitally and kept on file makes many processes smoother, such as keeping track of invoices or managing contracts with vendors. It allows you to have your most important files on standby for when you need them the most. Why add one more thing to your to-do list? With scan on demand and other scanning services, you can increase your productivity by cutting down on tedious paper-based tasks.

How DOCUdavit Can Help

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