Document Scanning Services

Do You Need High Speed Document Scanning?

If you’re running a professional office in the digital age, you might be surprised to find out how important something so seemingly simple like document scanning can be to your compliance, productivity, and overall costs.

Despite the light-speed advances in technology and digital communications, the burden of coping with the physicality of paper continues to present a real and growing challenge to businesses. In many cases, companies dealing with sensitive materials, such as contracts, might spend more money trying to ensure files are protected from theft or damage. Overall, a company can spend more time and resources housing and protecting files than is necessary. Some benefits of document scanning include:

  • Meeting Compliance Regulations. Many industries are beginning to see where converting from paper to digital files creates an opportunity for better compliance. Conversion services generate encrypted digital files that are well-protected and can only be viewed and shared with whomever your company finds beneficial.
  • Document Sharing. Document imaging and storage solutions lead to increased collaboration in the workplace. With scanned documents, you can assure that each member of the team will be able to view the files without delay.
  • Incredibly Easy Access. Using an electronic document management system (EDMS) makes files much easier to access. This also makes it possible for out-of-town clients or out-of-country employees to stay up-to-date without having to be physically present at all times. Extra scanning services, such as scan on demand, allow users to process and upload files quicker.

Why Outsource Document Scanning?

Many of our customers have asked themselves questions like “Should I just scan my documents in-house or do I outsource the task to a high speed scanning service?” Or “Where can you go to scan documents?” If you’re considering professional document scanning services, consider the following when making your decision:

  • Focus on Your Mission – Before introducing an in-house scanning solution, ask “What’s my core business / strengths?” and decide if scanning / document management is one of them.
  • Conserve Capital – In-house document scanning software and hardware is expensive to buy, maintain and update. Bulk scanning companies already have that infrastructure built-in.
  • Keep Your Staff Productive – Valuable staff would need to be dedicated to the function and trained. If best practices and efficient use of your human capital are of interest to you, then outsourcing your scanning is the right choice.
  • Utilize Space – If conservation of costly space is a consideration for you, then outsourcing your scanning makes sense.

Scanning services

The Benefits of Digitizing Your Files

Document scanning has proven a viable and valuable solution to paper files and the benefits are numerous. As the first step in the digitization of paper records, invoices, employment files and other traditional paper-based business activities, scan on demand and document scanning services can seamlessly integrate into day-to-day business operations. Here are just some of the benefits to scanning services:

  • Lower Storage Costs. Buying more storage and housing documents in expensive office or costly storage space represents a potentially huge and unwarranted cost.
  • Heightened Productivity. A significant amount of a company’s productivity can be attributed to time spent retrieving and sorting documents.
  • Better Customer Service. When it comes to customer account inquiries, slow response time due to misplaced or lost documents can result in poor customer service and potentially damage a reputation.
  • Better Organization. Spend less time copying, faxing, or routing your documents. Use document imaging and scan on demand to keep your operations organized.
  • Easier Disaster Recovery. Most organizations have a well-defined disaster recovery plan in place for their IT databases. Back-up plans for hardcopy documents, however, are completely overlooked. Make sure you have a scanning policy in place that complements your disaster recovery plan. 
  • Compliance. Many organizations need to satisfy the compliance requirements of government and security bodies. Medical document scanning, for example, carries many strict regulations in regards to document retention. Keep compliance top of mind with secure document scanning services.
  • Increased Document Security. Never worry about the protection of your documents again. Housing the files in secure locations and controlling who has key/combination access are but two of the issues surrounding sensitive documents.

Document Scanning

Who Would Benefit From Document Scanning Services?

Document scanning is an easy way to take your business into the 21st century. However, some businesses might have an extraordinarily large number of documents of which they need to keep track. On-demand scanning helps in these cases by acting as a more cost-effective solution. Instead of paying for every single file to be digitally scanned, companies can gradually scan documents as needed.

Besides being cost-effective, scanning on demand is also a convenient option. For example, if you already have documents in a storage facility (such as through DOCUdavit’s document storage solutions), on-demand scanning makes it easy to gradually digitize your document library over time.

Any business can benefit from the efficiency boost that comes with document scanning. Digital documents are easier to share, edit, and store. This way, you can focus on improving your business without having to worry about keeping track of the mountain of information needed to keep things running smoothly.

Document Scanning Services

Scan On Demand: The Environmentally Conscious Decision

Keeping a paper office isn’t only costing you time, it’s also costing you money. In this day and age, you can’t afford not to go paperless. Compare the costs of scanning documents to the costs associated with running a paper office, including everything from storage and materials to workable hours. It’s not enough to just devote space to your paper files. You have to account for: a filing system, employees to file and maintain the system, the physical paper each invoice, contract, or document will be printed on, and how much per hour it’s costing your business to stay organized. It can really add up.

Should All My Files Be Scanned?

While there may be an instance or two where paper files are the preferred method,  document scanning is generally more accessible and useful for day-to-day operations.

Having your files scanned digitally and kept on file makes many processes smoother, such as keeping track of invoices or contract management with vendors. It allows you to have your most important files on standby for when you need them the most.

How DOCUdavit Can Help

DOCUdavit EDMS provides scan on demand services for all types of applications. Our document storage solutions include delivering your records to our storage facility and maintaining them in a secure environment. We will then provide secure, confidential shredding and destruction services upon their expiration.

We’re particularly well-suited for assisting with medical records. For instance, we will review your EMR Appointment Calendar each day and identify appointments for existing patients up to one month in advance. Our document management process for scanning patient records ensures that the EHR are always uploaded prior to the patient’s appointment.

For every patient appointment, we sort, categorize, and scan the patient’s paper medical records before converting them to searchable PDF files. We then upload and index the categorized files directly into patient records in your EMR Software. Files are securely destroyed 90 days after they are scanned.

We are uniquely equipped to provide copies of your records in electronic as well as paper format. This capability allows us to provide you with on-demand access to your records via a secure web space set up specifically for each client.

From scanning services to data archiving, DOCUdavit can take the pressure or fear out of going digital. Visit our services page to find out more about our EDMS, or call us toll free at 1-888-781-9083 to speak with a consultant.