Document Scanning Services

Do You Need High-Speed Document Scanning?

If you’re running a professional office in the digital age, you might be surprised to find out how important something as simple as document scanning can be to your compliance, productivity, and overall costs.

Despite light-speed advances in technology and digital communications, the burden of coping with the physicality of paper continues to present a real challenge to businesses. In many cases, companies dealing with sensitive materials, such as contracts, might spend more money trying to ensure files are protected from theft or damage than they would by employing professional scanning services to digitize them. Companies often spend more time and resources housing and protecting files than they would by simply digitizing them. Some benefits of document digitization services include:

Many industries are beginning to see where converting from paper to digital files creates an opportunity for better compliance. Conversion services generate encrypted digital files that are well-protected and can only be viewed and shared with whomever your company finds beneficial.

Document imaging and storage solutions lead to increased collaboration in the workplace. With scanned documents, you can assure that each member of the team will be able to view the files without delay.

Using an electronic document management system (EDMS) makes files much easier to access. This also makes it possible for out-of-town clients or out-of-country employees to stay up-to-date without having to be physically present at all times. Extra scanning services, such as scanning on demand, allow users to process and upload files more quickly.

Why Outsource Document Scanning?

Many of our customers have asked themselves questions like “Should I just scan my documents in-house or do I outsource the task to a professional scanning service?” Or “Where can you go to scan documents?” If you’re considering professional document scanning services, consider the following when making your decision:

Before introducing an in-house scanning solution, ask “What’s my core business/strengths?” and decide if scanning/document management is one of them. If in re-visiting your business model your future plans DO NOT include adding costs, staff and IT requirements of scanning to your business, then outsource.

Document scanning hardware and software are expensive to buy, maintain and update. If the management of an expanded IT infrastructure and the costs of additional capital does not appeal to you, then outsource.

To properly execute this task in-house, an outside consultant would likely need to be engaged early on to map out a comprehensive plan. Valuable staff would need to be dedicated to the function and trained. If best practices and efficient use of your human capital are of interest to you, then outsourcing your scanning is the right choice.

scan on-demand solution requires secure, dedicated space for multiple staging and document preparation areas, the necessary equipment, staff and work-in-process storage. If the conservation of costly space is a consideration for you, then outsourcing your scanning makes sense.

Some offices may have 1 or 2 scanners, but they aren’t practical enough to get large scanning projects done proficiently. We have the most efficient scanning machines that are meant to scan in bulk so that you don’t worry about ever scanning thousands of documents yourself.

Scanning services

More Benefits of Digitizing Your Files

Document scanning has proven a viable and valuable solution for those looking to digitize paper documents and the benefits are numerous. As the first step in the digitization of paper records, invoices, employment files and other traditional paper-based business activities, scan-on-demand and document scanning services can seamlessly integrate into day-to-day business operations. Here are just some of the benefits of scanning services:

Paper document management involves continually buying more storage and house documents, and represents a potentially huge and unwarranted cost.

A significant amount of a company’s productivity can be attributed to time spent retrieving and sorting documents – a digital filing system alleviates that time significantly.

When it comes to customer account inquiries, slow response time due to misplaced or lost documents can result in poor customer service and potentially damage a reputation.

Spend less time copying, faxing, or routing your documents. Use document imaging and scan on demand to keep your operations organized.

Most organizations have a well-defined disaster recovery plan in place for their IT databases. Back-up plans for hardcopy documents, however, are completely overlooked. Make sure you have a scanning policy in place that complements your disaster recovery plan.

Many organizations need to satisfy the compliance requirements of government and security bodies. Medical document scanning, for example, carries many strict regulations in regard to document retention. Keep compliance top of mind with secure document scanning services.

Never worry about the protection of your documents again. Housing the files in secure locations and controlling who has key/combination access are but two of the issues surrounding sensitive documents.

Document scanning services reduce the physical space your documents take up

Who Benefits From Document Scanning Services?

Many types of businesses would benefit from on-demand scanning. The world is rapidly moving toward entirely digital spaces and those who can’t keep up risk being left behind. On-demand scanning is a great option for gradually adapting to these constant changes.

Document scanning is an easy way to take your business into the 21st century. However, some businesses might have an extraordinarily large number of documents of which they need to keep track. On-demand scanning helps in these cases by acting as a more cost-effective solution. Instead of paying for every single file to be digitally scanned, companies can gradually scan documents as needed.

Besides being cost-effective, scanning on demand is also a convenient option. For example, if you already have documents in a storage facility (such as through DOCUdavit’s document storage solutions), on-demand scanning makes it easy to gradually digitize your document library over time.

Any business can benefit from the efficiency boost that comes with scanned documents. Digital documents are easier to share, edit, and store. This way, you can focus on improving your business without having to worry about keeping track of the mountain of information needed to keep things running smoothly.

Scan On Demand: The Environmentally Conscious Decision

Keeping a paper office isn’t only costing you time, it’s also hurting the environment. Going paperless can help reduce carbon dioxide (C02 Emissions). A single tree can produce 17 reams of paper (500 pages per ream) which results in 110 lbs of C02 emissions being released into our atmosphere. In this day and age, you can’t afford to NOT go paperless. Compare the environmental costs of scanning documents to the costs associated with running a paper office, including everything from storage and materials to employees travelling to the office. The average paper spend for an office rounded off at $31,000USD/year to $50,000USD/year. 

It’s not enough to just devote space to your paper files. You have to account for: a filing system, employees to file and maintain the system, the physical paper each invoice, contract, or document will be printed on, and how much per hour it’s costing your business to stay organized; it can really add up.

Document scanning services are also better for the environment- cutting down the need for paper documents

Why You Should Use Client Account Management

Without utilizing document scanning for client account management, companies miss out on huge potential savings in cost, time, and productivity.

The process of soliciting, establishing, and maintaining client accounts can result in hundreds or even thousands of pages of documents per account. Because of the often enormous workload, effective account management requires extraordinarily high levels of planning and organization in order to keep track of all relevant documents and process them in a timely manner.

By implementing a document scanning solution, a company can spend less time dealing with the many complexities of handling client account documents and more time focusing on continuing to grow as a business.

Document scanning can act as a security buffer for client account information. In order to keep them protected, paper-based account documents need to be stored in a secure location accessible only by certain staff.

Locating and paying for this physical storage can be difficult enough, and this is only complicated further when there are inevitable staff changes. As the responsible staff rotates in and out, access codes and/or keys must be replaced to keep the area secure.

Certain documents such as those relating to human resources often must be retained for extended periods of time. Paper-based account documents are difficult to conveniently organize in case of an audit, and they are particularly vulnerable to potential disasters.

Scanned documents are easier to securely retain, and recovery after an unfortunate event (fire, flood, etc.) is far more easily done with scanned account information than with potentially destroyed paper.

Employees can end up wasting a great deal of time trying to manage extensive collections of paper-based account documents. Copying documents for distribution, searching for specific information, and filing papers can all take away from time that could be used to pursue long-term business goals.

From the beginning of the client management process, scanned documents have the clear advantage of allowing for quick and easy access to important information. For example, new contracts typically require multiple levels of negotiation and approval. Contract management expedites this process by making it simple to suggest changes and email updated documents to the appropriate individuals.

Safer storage and improved productivity both lead to a reduction in a company’s operating costs. Funds that might have been directed toward acquiring a secure storage space or paying for staff to manage large stacks of paper documents can be used to improve business processes instead.

Physical documents can take time to locate and run a higher risk of being misplaced altogether. By implementing a scanning system which ensures clients’ information is safe, but readily accessible when needed, companies can improve client satisfaction as a part of their overall account management strategy.

Client relationship management can be a delicate balance between attending to clients’ needs and attending to the company’s needs. With the added security and reduced processing times of a scanned document system, clients are able to get the information and service they need much more efficiently than otherwise.

What is Accounts Payable Document Scanning?

Accounts payable document scanning: we know the approval and payment process associated with accounts payable can be typically cumbersome.  Accounts payable document scanning alleviates the paper-intensive and bottom-line inefficiencies of document management. Sourcing and reviewing paper invoices, gaining line management approval and re-filing the invoices and documents are some of the resource-intensive accounts payable actions that can be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated with our Account Payable Scanning Solutions.

How can we help your accounts payable process? Here are a few of the many benefits of our Accounts Payable Scanning Services:

Once scanned and archived current invoices are a few mouse clicks away. They can be forwarded to appropriate staff via e-mail for quick approval (globally), and notes/comments can be attached to the document for future reference.

Efficient processing of the invoice will allow your organization to take full advantage of any prompt payment incentives and avoid costly late payment penalties.

Eliminate wasted time and costs associated with filing documents, searching, photocopies and faxing / mailing / couriering, etc.

Electronically filed documents dramatically improve compliance-related matters by ensuring better access controls to the information, providing proper backup of information – and simplifying audit processes.

Allows for solid vendor relations: your organization becomes easier to do business with, thus improving your negotiation position for future agreements.

Improved access to historical data and new purchase decisions can be made on a more timely and informed basis.

Loan and Mortgage Processing

Loan and mortgage processing can be one of the most difficult aspects of managing your company’s operations. Oftentimes, processing loans and mortgages can be extremely form-intensive, turning what should be a quick and easy process into hours and hours of creation, revision, and project management. The average account often results in over 100 pages per loan or mortgage document, which means a lot of time and energy is spent putting things in order and monitoring the process rather than letting it work for you.

How can DOCUdavit help with loan and mortgage processing?

Loan and mortgage processing doesn’t have to use up all your time and resources. DOCUdavit’s mortgage loan processing scanning solution allows your company to cut time and increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

DOCUdavit can help implement a mortgage loan processor and scanning system that:

Rest assured that your business processes are being streamlined with care thanks to DOCUdavit’s loan and mortgage processor. We keep a tight ship ensuring that things stay on track leading up to and throughout execution.

What will you do if you’re not spending all that extra time organizing forms for mortgages and loans? The answer is: everything else your business needs to thrive. Free up some administrative hours and put them back towards keeping your business operations in top shape. Leave the processing and scanning to us.

Don’t delay with loan and mortgage processing. DOCUdavit can help make sure your files are up-to-date for a smooth, fast, and easy transaction. We put your company and its clients first.

A happy customer is a customer for life. Why take risks for the satisfaction of your clients? Our loan and mortgage process is meticulous and thorough. We produce quality results every time, so you can keep your eyes on your business operations.

By filing all of your mortgage and loan documents digitally, you’ll eliminate clutter and older files from your storage or workspaces. DOCUdavit ensures that files are accessible online 24/7, leaving you with a quick turnaround and a whole lot more office space.

Insurance Policy and Insurance Claims Processing

Processing insurance policies and insurance claims can be more than an arduous task during a packed workday. Insurance policy processors have to deal with processing, changing, or cancelling insurance claims. Whether it’s reviewing a policy or ensuring it follows strict regulations, an insurance claims process can take the better part of a busy week.

But what if claims processing could be streamlined into a more efficient system?

What if a document management system can be implemented to turn long processes, such as compiling data on lapsed insurance policies, into one coherent structure? What if you could manage documents and get them to and from important users without security risk or breach of contract? What if your insurance claims processing can remain compliant while you go about your day-to-day activities?

Docudavit EDMS offers complete electronic backup and instant access to the insurance policy and insurance claims processing documents to streamline business processes. With DOCUdavit’s scanning services and document management system, your business insurance policy and insurance claims processing can be managed easily and effectively.

Why are insurance policy and insurance claims processing so important?

When a claim comes to your office, there’s a whole process behind how it is documented, managed, and ultimately resolved. From the moment the papers come through, a structure in which claims are evaluated, processed, and settled comes into play. The sheer amount of papers that may come in with a claim can be overwhelming, not to mention the volume of claims that may reach your office every day.

With that said, it’s no wonder so many offices are turning to a compliant, secure document management system to assist with insurance policy and insurance claims processing. It’s important to maintain a competent document management system for the insurance claims process because:

Claims are intensely private documents. Medical or legal records can be cited or referenced in these papers, and clients want to know that when they turn this information over, their rights are being protected. With a document management system, these files have a higher level of security, giving clients the peace of mind they deserve.

When paper documents come into an office, they must be filed, but oftentimes, filing systems are unique to certain businesses. There tends to be a lack of universal standards, which can then confuse and disorient workers. A solid document management system will allow insurance policy and insurance claims processing to stay on track because of its commitment to a high degree of organization.

The insurance claims within a secure document management system is only seen by those who need the information. By limiting access and streamlining it to relevant employees, you can ensure a higher level of productivity. Approved members can then view documents from the secure portal wherever and whenever they need to.

Cut down on costs by eliminating paper insurance claims processing. Keeping digital files allows for faster, easier access in the long run.

What are the advantages of having a document management solution?

Having a high-quality document management solution for your insurance policy and insurance claims processing system means a streamlined and efficient way to process claims. Companies that utilize an EDMS are able to increase productivity due to a lack of paper filing, process insurance claims and documents faster than ever before, and keep to tight deadlines. With DOCUdavit, you will be able to process claims faster and better without risking quality or security.

Choose DOCUdavit for your insurance policy and insurance claims processing needs

For insurance claims professionals seeking an efficient solution to the business of managing insurance policy and insurance claims documents, our comprehensive policy and claims processing scanning services can deliver many benefits.

Our scanning provides electronic backup and instant access to claims and policy documents resulting in streamlined business processes. From accelerated claims processing to enhancing policyholder satisfaction, DOCUdavit can provide the right solution for your case files and make your insurance policy and insurance claims processing much more efficient.

We provide:

  • Document Scanning Services: Let DOCUdavit help you scan all your old, physical files and rent out that old office space like you’ve been meaning to. Our document scanning services include conversion and indexing your brand new digital files in a secure, encrypted database for you and your clients.
  • Scan on Demand: Don’t delay with your scanned documents! Instead of waiting through long, arduous document scanning services, enjoy our scan-on-demand that allows you to quickly scan and retrieve files.
  • Data Archiving: Do you have a process for archiving your older files? Don’t let them creep up on you. Our data archiving process and document management software keep your files secure and safe for long-term retention.
  • Record and Document Storage Services: Quickly access files from any location, any time, with our electronic document storage services.
  • Contract Management: Our electronic contract management system allows us to store your documents safely in our facility, either short-term or long-term. 

Should All My Files Be Scanned?

While there may be an instance or two where paper files are the preferred method,  document scanning is generally more accessible and useful for day-to-day operations.

Having your files scanned digitally and kept on file makes many processes smoother, such as keeping track of invoices or contract management with vendors. It allows you to have your most important files on standby for when you need them the most.

How DOCUdavit Can Help

DOCUdavit EDMS provides scan-on-demand services for all types of applications. Our document storage solutions include delivering your records to our storage facility and maintaining them in a secure environment. We will then provide secure, confidential shredding and destruction services upon their expiration.

We’re particularly well-suited for assisting with medical records. For instance, we will review your EMR Appointment Calendar each day and identify appointments for existing patients up to one month in advance. Our document management process for scanning patient records ensures that the EHR is always uploaded prior to the patient’s appointment.

For every patient appointment, we sort, categorize and scan the patient’s paper medical records before converting them to searchable PDF files. We then upload and index the categorized files directly into patient records in your EMR Software. Files are securely destroyed 90 days after they are scanned.

We are uniquely equipped to provide copies of your records in electronic as well as paper format. This capability allows us to provide you with on-demand access to your records via a secure web space set up specifically for each client.

DOCUdavit document scanning and storage can take the pressure or fear out of going digital. Visit our services page to find out more about our EDMS, or call us toll-free at 1-888-781-9083 to speak with a consultant.