Accounts Payable

Accounts payable document scanning: we know the approval and payment process associated with accounts payable can be typically cumbersome.  Accounts payable document scanning alleviates the paper-intensive and bottom-line inefficiencies of document management. Sourcing and reviewing paper invoices, gaining line management approval and re-filing the invoices and documents are some of the resource-intensive accounts payable actions that can be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated with our Account Payable Scanning Solutions.

How can we help your accounts payable process? Here are a few of the many benefits of our Accounts Payable Scanning Services:

  • We expedite the review, approval and payment process – once scanned and archived current invoices are a few mouse clicks away. They can be forwarded to appropriate staff via e-mail for quick approval (globally), and notes / comments can be attached to the document for future reference.
  • We optimize payment incentives – efficient processing of the invoice will allow your organization to take full advantage of any prompt payment incentives and avoid costly late payment penalties.
  • Boost staff productivity – eliminate wasted time and costs associated with filing documents, searching, photocopies and faxing / mailing / couriering, etc.
  • Enhance purchasing effectiveness – improved access to historical data and new purchase decisions can be made on a more timely and informed basis.
  • Prompt and hassle-free payables management means solid vendor relations: your organization becomes easier to do business with, thus improving your negotiation position for future agreements.
  • Improved compliance – electronically filed documents dramatically improve compliance-related matters by ensuring better access controls to the information, providing proper back-up of information – and simplifying audit processes.

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