Insurance Policy and Insurance Claims Processing

Processing insurance policies and insurance claims can be more than an arduous task during a packed work day. Insurance policy processors have to deal with processing, changing, or cancelling insurance claims. Whether it’s reviewing a policy or ensuring it follows strict regulations, an insurance claims process can take the better part of a busy week.

But what if claims processing could be streamlined into a more efficient system?

What if a document management system can be implemented to turn long processes, such as compiling data on lapsed insurance policies, into one coherent structure? What if you could manage documents and get them to and from important users without security risk or breach of contract? What if your insurance claims processing can remain compliant while you go about your day-to-day activities?

Docudavit EDMS offers complete electronic backup and instant access of insurance policy and insurance claims processing documents to streamline business processes. With DOCUdavit’s scanning services and document management system, your business’ insurance policy and insurance claims processing can be managed easily and effectively.

Why is insurance policy and insurance claims processing so important?

When a claim comes to your office, there’s a whole process behind how it is documented, managed, and ultimately resolved. From the moment the papers come through, a structure in which claims are evaluated, processed, and settled comes into play. The sheer amount of papers that may come in with a claim can be overwhelming, not to mention the volume of claims that may reach your office every day.

With that said, it’s no wonder so many offices are turning to a compliant, secure document management system to assist with insurance policy and insurance claims processing. It’s important to maintain a competent document management system for the insurance claims process because:

  • Secure content – Claims are intensely private documents. Medical or legal records can be cited or referenced in these papers, and clients want to know that when they turn this information over, their rights are being protected. With a document management system, these files have a higher level of security, giving clients the peace of mind they deserve.
  • Better organization – When paper documents come into an office, they must be filed, but oftentimes, filing systems are unique to certain businesses. There tends to be a lack of universal standards, which can then confuse and disorient workers. A solid document management system will allow insurance policy and insurance claims processing to stay on track because of its commitment to a high degree of organization.
  • Efficient access – The insurance claims within a secure document management system are only seen by those who need the information. By limiting access and streamlining it to relevant employees, you can ensure a higher level of productivity. Approved members can then view documents from the secure portal wherever and whenever they need to.
  • Save time and money – Cut down on costs by eliminating paper insurance claims processing. Keeping digital files allows for faster, easier access in the long run.

What are the advantages of having a document management solution?

Having a high-quality document management solution for your insurance policy and insurance claims processing system means a streamlined and efficient way to process claims. Companies that utilize an EDMS are able to increase productivity due to lack of paper filing, process insurance claims and documents faster than ever before, and keep to tight deadlines. With DOCUdavit, you will be able to process claims faster and better without risking quality or security.

Choose DOCUdavit for your insurance policy and insurance claims processing needs

For insurance claims professionals seeking an efficient solution to the business of managing insurance policy and insurance claims documents, our comprehensive policy and claims processing scanning services can deliver many benefits.

Our scanning provides electronic backup and instant access of claims and policy documents results in streamlined business processes. From accelerated claims processing to enhancing policyholder satisfaction, DOCUdavit can provide the right solution for your case files and make your insurance policy and insurance claims processing much more efficient.

We provide:

  • Document Scanning Services: Let DOCUdavit help you scan all your old, physical files and rent out that old office space like you’ve been meaning to. Our document scanning services include conversion and indexing your brand new digital files in a secure, encrypted database for you and your clients.
  • Scan on Demand: Don’t delay with your scanned documents! Instead of waiting through long, arduous document scanning services, enjoy our scan-on-demand that allows you to quickly scan and retrieve files.
  • Data Archiving: Do you have a process for archiving your older files? Don’t let them creep up on you. Our data archiving process and document management software keeps your files secure and safe for long-term retention.
  • Record and Document Storage Services: Quickly access files from any location, any time, with our electronic document storage services.
  • Contract Management: Our electronic contract management system allows us to store your documents safely in our facility, either short-term or long-term. 

Let us help with a document management and storage solution tailored to your business objectives and needs. For more information, contact us or call us toll free at 1-888-781-9083.