2023 alberta Fires Appeal Donation

With no end in sight for the Alberta Wildfires and after thousands devastated in Drayton Valley, the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada have set up the 2023 Alberta Fires Appeal. Thousands of people have been evacuated and have lost their homes to these ravaging wildfires. The Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta will match every dollar donated to the Canadian Red Cross 2023 Alberta Fires Appeal from May 8 to June 3, 2023.

This means that every $1 donated will become $3 to support those affected by the wildfires. Eligible donations already received will be matched. Donations to the Canadian Red Cross will be used for immediate and ongoing relief, recovery and resilience efforts in response to fires, and community preparedness and risk reduction for future all-hazard disaster events within Alberta.

To learn more about how you can make an impactful difference, visit: The Canadian Red Cross