BC Mail Plus 2

BC Mail Plus

Historical Scanning – Microfilm and Microfiche

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September 2018 – October 2019 (ongoing)

Objective: BC Mail Plus requires the storage, scanning and naming of 125,000 Microfiche Jackets (containing up to 60 images per jacket) and 1,900 16 mm Microfilm Rolls (containing up to 3,000 images per roll) in order to make documentation more easily accessible and for long-term storage. During the scanning process, Microfiche Jackets and Microfilm Rolls are stored in a secure, cool, dry location (between 18-22 degrees) in Canada, and all scanned images and their back-ups are only stored within Canada. 

Results: All Microfilm and Microfiche were scanned on time and on budget. 


Turnaround time: Projects are to be completed within one year of project commencement; we estimated that the work was completed within 10 months of project commencement. 



  • BC Mail delivers Microfilm and Microfiche to DOCUdavit via 3rd party courier 
  • Setup process for each film 
  • Scan each film to an enhanced single searchable PDF/A file at 300 dpi 
  • Films are OCR’d to the best of our ability based on the quality of the original 
  • Files will be scanned to black and white or grayscale
  • Files will be rotated and enhanced to the best level possible based on the image provided
  • Quality Control the images to verify document image, page count and name accuracy, removal of unnecessary blank pages
  • Ongoing off-site backup of scanned images for 10 years
  • Disaster Recovery Services for scanned images
  • Scan, name, and upload files on-demand (90 minutes from request) while we are scanning the files
  • Microfilm and microfiche will be securely store for 90 days after delivery of the images at no additional charge, and then returned.