Bronson Consulting Inc., Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)

Bronson Consulting Inc., Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)

Digitalization of Historical Records related to the Indian Residential School system (IRS)

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July 2014 – February 2016

Objective: Downloaded and hosted over 10,000,000 pages of documents that were viewed to code 1,000,000 files to 8 data fields. Coding was done on an Excel spread sheet which was then integrated to their Concordance database. Backup was provided by a secure off-site server.

Results: Project delivered on time and under budget. Completion and quality of the job was acknowledged by PMO (Office of the Prime Minister of Canada)

Turnaround time: Team had monthly quotas for the number of documents that needed to be coded in order to complete the project on time; a high volume of documents were added outside the scope of work near the end of the project. Because of this, DOCUdavit extended the original due date by 2 months, and completed about 4-months’ worth of additional coding in that time.

DOCUdavit Solutions’ database had the following key capabilities: capable of handling all required metadata including administrative, technical and contextual information for all records; capable of integrating with linked digital multimedia files including image, video and audio; capable of providing at a minimum, folder-level access controls; search functions including metadata (fielded) only; date range; full-text only or combined searches; boolean and proximity searches; exact phrase searching; second level searching within first-level search results; saving and printing search results; image management tools such as redaction, highlighting, annotation, resize, rotate; basic audit tools to determine access and usage;  capable of handling large volumes of data; ensure that every record and image in the database can be flagged with security permissions and use limitations; create reports, forms and queries as required .



Firm Archive Documents over 10 years, on-going

  • Hosted over 10,000,000 pages
  • 1,000,000 files viewed and coded to 8 data fields 
  • Receive digital records in various formats; convert (if necessary) the database structure, content and associated files to the software format required by the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) 
  • Engage in contextual metadata tagging/indexing of document records in the database to CJC standards, including QA procedures. 
  • Maintain secure access to the database throughout the project for authorized users of the customer.
  • The database and any new or dynamic content (such as new images uploaded) had to be effectively backed up at least once daily, using industry-standard backup tools and techniques, on a secure backup system.
  • DOCUdavit Solutions had effective privacy and security policies in place and a business continuity plan in the event the main database is unavailable or destroyed, including procedures by which the supplier audits its own performance against those policies.
  • Microsoft Excel Software, Adobe software, ABBY OCR engine, Lexis Nexis Concordance Software, Microsoft remote desktop connection.
  • Excel Spreadsheets delivered on a regular basis 
  • Error rate of 0.002%