Can I scan this? Creating a paperless office

Adopting a paperless office strategy can seem daunting at the onset. Aside from the usual standard documents and booklets, there are many items in your office that would need to be scanned on a daily basis in order to go paperless. Think about all your memos and drafts, your old documents, and specialized documents like maps. You might want to store them in a secure place, such as a document management system that can be accessed only by key members of your team. Many businesses are transitioning to the paperless office model, so why not use this opportunity to explore what that might mean for your business? When it comes to specialized scanning, there is still a lot of confusion as to what can be easily passed through a scanner and what needs a different kind of scanning service. With DOCUdavit, you won’t have to second guess your scanning decisions. 

So… Can I Scan It?

If you’ve been asking “Can I scan this?” about documents around your office as you start thinking about going paper-free, we’ve got you covered with our guide.

Legal Records?

Yes! Legal records tend to be in either standard paper size or can be converted to microfilm form, which is also scannable. We have the ability to scan, enhance, and index these formats with our paperless office software. Scanning legal records and keeping them in digital format may sound like it’s the first step to a security breach, but a well-established and comprehensive document management system will ensure that your records are safety compliant and do not go against any existing or regulatory requirements. It’s a win-win for you and your clients! 


Absolutely! Maps and other large-form cartography documents are scannable through specialized scanning services, so you never have to worry about losing them. A solid document management service will use high-quality and high-volume scanners with the latest image enhancement technology to maintain the quality of your document. As these larger documents can be tricky, your best bet is to work with a technician who will be mindful that flaws like lines, corners, or tears are minimized during the process.

Newspapers and Magazines?

Definitely! Newspapers and magazines may need extra care during the scanning process, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. These documents are usually harvested from microfilm or microfiche, which is why it’s important to find a scanning service that has dealt with these documents and formats in the past.


Of course! Well-log scanning is unique, but not impossible. Specialized scanning services will provide all the tools necessary to get an accurate depiction of your well log. Everything from electrical resistivity well logs, acoustic well logs, induction well logs, and gamma-ray or radioactivity well logs can be scanned for better access. Work with a document scanning service that scans to specified outputs and digitizes all curves for your convenience.

Water or Sun Damaged Documents?

Surprisingly, yes! One of the key benefits of a paperless office is reducing your risk of documents being lost or damaged. Having water or sun-damaged documents isn’t the end of the world though. Did you know these documents can still be scanned and retain all their data? As long as they’re handled with care by a top-tier document management service, you can expect a high-quality turnout for these files. Work with a system that uses white-glove scanning and doesn’t lend itself only to automatic feeding. 

If you’re working towards a paperless office, we have you covered. Need a specialized document scanned? DOCUdavit has a strong focus on specialized scanning and can scan just about any document to the same high standard. As you look at a paperless office strategy and wonder: can I scan this? The answer is yes. Let us show you how!