Client Account Management

Without utilizing document scanning for client account management, companies miss out on huge potential savings in cost, time, and productivity.

The process of soliciting, establishing, and maintaining client accounts can result in hundreds or even thousands of pages of documents per account. Because of the often enormous workload, effective account management requires extraordinarily high levels of planning and organization in order to keep track of all relevant documents and process them in a timely manner.

By implementing a document scanning solution, a company can spend less time dealing with the many complexities of handling client account documents and more time focusing on continuing to grow as a business.

Reduce Risk

Document scanning can act as a security buffer for client account information. In order to keep them protected, paper-based account documents need to be stored in a secure location accessible only by certain staff.

Locating and paying for this physical storage can be difficult enough, and this is only complicated further when there are inevitable staff changes. As the responsible staff rotate in and out, access codes and/or keys must be replaced to keep the area secure.

Certain documents such as those relating to human resources often must be retained for extended periods of time. Paper-based account documents are difficult to conveniently organize in case of an audit, and they are particularly vulnerable to potential disasters.

Scanned documents are easier to securely retain, and recovery after an unfortunate event (fire, flood, etc.) is far more easily done with scanned account information than with potentially destroyed paper.

Boost Productivity

Employees can end up wasting a great of deal of time trying to manage extensive collections of paper-based account documents. Copying documents for distribution, searching for specific information, and filing papers can all take away from time that could be used pursuing long-term business goals.

From the beginning of the client management process, scanned documents have the clear advantage of allowing for quick and easy access to important information. For example, new contracts typically require multiple levels of negotiation and approval. Contract management expedites this process by making it simple to suggest changes and email updated documents to the appropriate individuals.

Safer storage and improved productivity both lead to a reduction in a company’s operating costs. Funds that might have been directed toward acquiring a secure storage space or paying for staff to manage large stacks of paper documents can be used to improve business processes instead.

Enhance Client Satisfaction

Physical documents can take time to locate and run a higher risk of being misplaced altogether. By implementing a scanning system which ensures clients their information is safe but readily accessible when needed, companies can improve client satisfaction as a part of their overall account management strategy.

Client relationship management can be a delicate balance between attending to clients’ needs and attending to the company’s needs. With the added security and reduced processing times of a scanned document system, clients are able to get the information and service they need much more efficiently than otherwise.

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