Does Document Management help in onboarding new hires?

Human resources is a growing field. Many HR professionals have had to adapt to a changing landscape, including implementing human resources document management best practices into their workflows. With many HR offices using top of the line document management systems these days, the HR workflow has become much more efficient, and that includes how HR onboards new hires.

The process of onboarding isn’t exclusive to human resources. The process of bringing on new hires or clients and updating them on projects, plans, or procedures spans every industry, from marketing and consultancy to the arts. However, it’s all in how the process is executed. Some businesses prefer to give physical handouts with potentially outdated information to new hires or clients at orientations. These are a great way to gather everyone together, but may be time-consuming or inconvenient. When you’re starting to build a new relationship, making things comfortable and convenient while also maintaining efficiency is key.

This is where document management comes in.

Running an onboarding process with document management best practices means less time onboarding (a plus for the clients or new hires) and more time working on essentials and getting your business rolling (a plus for you). How can document management help you onboard new hires?

Have a Digital Orientation

You’ve found a new team member you’d like to bring on board — congrats! Now’s the time to put together your onboarding materials. But before you hit the print button, consider this: an online or digital orientation package may be just as useful as an in-person one. Save paper by sending virtual invites to your new hires with an orientation time, and then proceed to conduct the orientation via an online hangout platform. Using a top-tier document management system is key here, because it’ll allow new employees to review materials by the deadline in a collaborative manner. It also gives you the opportunity to add people to the permissions at the last minute if need be.

Disseminate New Information Quickly

Similar in the way you can add new employees to orientation at the last minute, you will be able to update documents and new procedures in a timely fashion with a good document management system. New hires will know instantly what they need to know about your company and their new position without having to wait for documents in the mail or without having to come into the office. They’ll be prepped and ready to go for their first day on the job in no time!

Complete Tasks Faster

Need your new hires to send back forms or review material by a strict deadline? Having a top-tier document management system means new employees will be able to sign those papers and send them back to you twice as fast. Most onboarding processes include an employee signing an employment contract, a non-disclosure agreement, banking information, or some other form of technical, security document. In the past, we’ve required new hires to come in and sign all these documents in person, but with a system like DOCUdavit, onboarding these hires means they can sign it minutes after you send it, upping your overall efficiency.

Using a document management system is a great way to onboard new hires, especially for larger companies that are trying to save time and money during the process. A great functioning system will have your new employees up and running in a timely manner without logistics getting in the way.