What happens to files when a lawyer retires?


It’s something not many retiring lawyers want to talk about, especially as they near the end of their career. Is your transition plan in place? Do you have enough funds to cover your retirement? And what will happen to all your client files? Whether you work alone or work at a law firm, your client files might be on the top of your transition plan list.

DOCUdavit offers seamless legal document scanning services that can take your transition plan into the digital age, even if you aren’t there yourself. Keeping files online may help make your retirement transition smoother.

Can I really digitize a career’s worth of files?

The number one question we get asked is if it’s really possible to digitize all your client files. Some of our clients have been practicing law for decades and, as such, have amassed a multitude of documents. The sheer thought of digitizing them makes many retiring lawyers uneasy. How long does it take? And what’s your role in everything?

Does this sound like you?

Lawyer writing

Digitizing your files doesn’t have to be your last hurrah before you head off into retirement. If you’ve never worked with an EDMS or company like DOCUdavit before, you might not have yet experienced the ease with which you’d hand off your files to be scanned. A professional document management system can scan litigation files, maintain a healthy database, and pass off any digitized files to future authorized personnel, such as lawyers that may be taking over a case. Have peace of mind knowing that even though you’re retiring, your past and present client’s files will be in safe hands.

What about passing off my files to other lawyers?

The great thing about digitized, scanned files is that they’re easy to access for authorized parties. Gone are the days when litigation papers or documents for affidavits have to be couriered between offices before a strict deadline. Now, if there’s a file you need a colleague or relevant party to see, you can give them online access. They’ll be able to get up-to-speed on current procedures and processes much faster without the need to wait for files to be delivered between locations.

There are some documents I no longer need. What can be done with them before I retire?

As with any office, you’re bound to run into some files that need to be carefully disposed of. These might be time-sensitive client files or files that are no longer relevant to you, your office, or your associates. DOCUdavit not only provide legal document scanning into our document management system software, but we also take special care in secure document shredding. This is part of our larger legal file archiving solutions. We take care of the logistics of shredding secure documents, taking one more thing off your transition plan list.

If you’re a retiring lawyer, trying to figure out what to do with all your client files may have been gnawing at the back of your head for quite some time. Let us at DOCUdavit handle the work of organizing, scanning, and securing your files for your clients’ future lawyers. We make the transition process easy so you can look forward to your next adventure: your retirement.