What is microform? Microfilm, 3m Cartridge film, microfiche

Many document management service providers (EDMS) like DOCUdavit offer microfilm or microfiche scanning, both kinds of a file type called ‘microform’. These reproductions are more common than you think, but the bigger question on many minds may be: what is microform and is it important to my business?

Maybe you’ve heard the term before or maybe it’s completely new to you. Microforms are scaled-down reproductions of documents, usually, a film or a paper, made exclusively to transmit, store, read, or print. They come in many types, spanning the sheer amount of industries that use them. Whether you are working in a newspaper, a law office, or the insurance industry, you may have come across the following microform types:

  • Microfilm (16/35mm roll film)
  • 3M cartridge film
  • Microfiche (jacketed, COM, aperture cards)

What Industries Use Microforms?

If you are in a professional business setting, especially a B2C or service-oriented business, the chance you’ve encountered microforms or microfiche is quite high. Ever scanned a large print and had to scale it down to size? Ever accessed archived periodicals or records dating back decades ago? Ever referenced engineering documents and code in an era beyond yours? Then, you have worked with microform.

Microform appears in many industries, including medical, legal, engineering, government, and more. The most common types of documents that have been converted into microforms include:

  • Newspapers
  • Large scale drawings and plans
  • Periodicals and magazines
  • Legal records
  • Engineering documentation
  • Insurance documentation
Microfiche a form of microform

How are Microforms good for my business?

There are many benefits to using microforms. Similar to a document management system or EDMS, microforms allow you to reduce storage space in your office. Instead of keeping around bulky materials, you can enjoy the ease of accessing your documents through microfilm.

But if it’s so great, why bother transitioning to a EDMS in the first place?

Microforms are efficient, but the machines used to scan them and the time used to store and archive them can be costly. Document management systems will take your microforms, scan them to a secure database, and make them easily accessible to relevant team members on-the-go, in your office, or even on vacation, so long as you are granted encrypted access. It cuts costs by saving paper and saves time with a quick digital filing system. Not to mention, digital technology and scanning is a growing technology that has room to evolve in the future. Microforms may not be so lucky.

How Can DOCUdavit Work with Microform?

As a top-tier EDMS, we will work with you to scan, archive, and/or store your microforms. Our system allows us to manage these documents easily so you never feel lack of process or content. We can have you up and running seamlessly, your documents and files easily accessible like they never left. Contact us today to learn how.