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We are excited to announce a new way to get in contact with DOCUdavit Solutions. Please visit us at our satellite office located at: Legal Print and Copy 121 Richmond Street West Suite 1200, Toronto Ontario, Canada We at DOCUdavit look forward to seeing you!

Why Patients Should Embrace Electronic Medical Records

For patients it is important to know that the information in our medical records is secure, accurate and accessible when needed. This article discusses Why Patients Should Embrace Electronic Medical Records.

Electronic Medical Records Reduce Costs

A Case Study of Trillium Health Centre With a goal to achieve a single electronic source of patient information Trillium Health Centre launched a “go electric” strategy in which they are scanning all paper records and making them available as electronic medical records. The Cost of Paper Before this program was initiated, paper records were […]

Document Management 101

If you’re a lawyer on the go, having an efficient document file management is priority number one. In this article we look at document management 101.

Electronic Management Record Storage

On average, the typical paper office wastes approximately 1.5 pounds of paper per employee every work day. I know. It’s a big problem that electronic management record storage can help solve.

Patient Access And Personalized Medical Records

We love TED Talks. In a TED talk from 2011, Thomas Goetz explains the benefits of patients having access to their own personalized, health information. In this article we look at Patient Access And Personalized Medical Records.

Happy New Year! Out With the Old and in With the New!

It has been a great 2011 for us and we hope that some of our insight was useful to you here at the DOCUblog. We are looking forward to a great 2012. We wish you all the best – in business and personally – for the coming year. Stay tuned here for more great business […]

Keep Your Staff Happy During Your Medical Practice Closure

Are you expecting a medical practice closure but don’t know how to notify your staff? Are you worried about negative conditions and behaviour or do you feel guilty for retiring and leaving your employees jobless?

How Document Management Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

It should be obvious, even a no-brainer: we live in a free market where business models have been xeroxed over and over again causing marketing bubbles and “branding problems” between small-medium business owners. In this article we look at document management and how it can keep you ahead of the competition.

Closing or Selling Medical Practice? What You Need to Know!

If you are closing or selling your medical practice, here are 4 facts you need to know! Question #1: What should I consider when selling and closing a medical practice? Answer: Before you close or sell your medical practice tip #1 is bit of a no-brainer: make sure the buying physician is licensed and eligible […]

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