Closed File Solutions

Retiring Lawyers

In our experience, the majority of senior lawyers plan on practicing well past the average age of retirement, and therefore have not started making plans for what will happen to their paper files when the time comes. It is important to start planning for your retirement while you are still in your mid-to-late career, because even the best-laid retirement plans can give way to chaos when a major life event takes place. Right now your firm continues to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every month on storage fees, and in some cases, for lawyers who have already left the firm or retired.

DOCUdavit Solutions can help to free your firm from the never-ending grasp of increasing storage fees, retrieval fees, permanent withdrawal fees, destruction fees and ALL THAT PAPER! We will put together a customized digitization schedule for all of your closed and active files, with the potential to reasonably disperse the fee in your client’s retainer.

You need a plan and DOCUdavit has the solution – it’s easy and the cost is minimal. Just imagine the day that you no longer receive any storage bills and your office is not stacked with boxes.

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