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Docudavit Case StudiesThe Client: Litigation Lawyer

In this case study we look at a client who contacted DOCUdavit to advise that she was preparing a first degree murder trial scheduled to begin in January 2006 at the courthouse in Newmarket. However her office and home were located in Toronto. In addition her junior lawyer on the trial also worked and lived in Toronto. Neither were thrilled with the prospect of transporting the disclosure back and forth as it comprised six bankers’ boxes of material.

The Case: Body Of Evidence

Within a few weeks we shipped her boxes intact along with the our software. All her materials were scanned and accessible to both her desktop at the office as well as her laptop for her and her co-counsel on the trial. She began to review the material and set up categories of evidence based on issues or witness names. Instead of photocopying a witness’ statement or police officers notes 5-6 times to include them in other related witnesses’ files, she simply created an index with a single command. In seconds she had created a sub-file based on a issue containing all the disclosure of the related witnesses. This was a remarkable tool for saving hours of preparation time.

When she prepared examinations of witnesses, she used the search function to locate their names or issues within the body of all the evidence so that she can compare their evidence to others on the same issue. In moments she could find the evidence of all witnesses whose evidence is related to the same issue and email documents to lawyers representing the various witnesses in the trial. No need to recess court, while and search through six boxes in her office.
While the client used an office at the courthouse in Newmarket where the boxes and hard copies of all the material where kept, it was her laptop that she relied on – without the worry about which files she needed to transport. Until then, she had never gone through a trial without having to drive to the courthouse at night to pick up some disclosure she had forgotten to bring home.

In The Client’s Words

“I think DOCUdavit is an excellent service for criminal lawyers preparing for trials with large amounts of disclosure. I have requested LAO fund it for another murder trial for which I am currently preparing and reading through six boxes. Finally, I wish to add that you and your associates have provided immediate support assistance. I had a crisis over the Christmas holiday shortly before trial was set to begin. Your support technician somewhere worked me through it on the phone on a statutory holiday. I have been completely satisfied with your service and product. This is a wonderful service!”

– Cindy R. Wasser, Barrister WASSER MCARTHUR LLP, Barristers

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